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What happens in The Trumpet of the Swan?

What happens in The Trumpet of the Swan?

It tells the story of Louis (pronounced “LOO-ee” by the author in the audiobook, a reference to trumpeter Louis Armstrong, a point that is made explicit in the book), a trumpeter swan born without a voice who overcomes this difficulty by learning to play a trumpet in order to impress a beautiful swan named Serena.

What does Sam throw to save the swan eggs?

Sam threw a stick at the fox. Sam had saved the female swan. He says all swans are vain and that it is a swan’s right to feel proud and graceful.

What did Sam use to see the swans from a distance?

What did Sam use to see the swans from a distance? Field glasses.

Why did the swan think so was she right?

2-a)- The swan thought so because the young boy had left and there was no other intruder around. No she was not right as the fox was prowling somewhere in the woods.

Who illustrated The Trumpet of the Swan?

Fred Marcellino
Edward Frascino
The Trumpet of the Swan/Illustrators

What age is Trumpet of the Swan for?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780064408677
Sales rank: 10,559
Product dimensions: 5.12(w) x 7.62(h) x (d)
Lexile: 750L (what’s this?)
Age Range: 8 – 12 Years

What is the theme of The Trumpet of the swan?

Rereading it as an adult, I was struck by the enduring relevance of a major theme in the book: disability. Louis the swan is born without a voice, and cannot make a trumpeting “ko-hoh” sound like his siblings, parents and friends.

Who smashed the Swans eggs?

A female swan died from a supposedly ‘broken heart’ just a few weeks after some teenagers vandalised her nest and broke her eggs with bricks. According to reports, a group of teenage boys from Bolton, UK threw bricks at the nest last month.

What is the theme of The Trumpet of the Swan?

Who got the swan finally?

Siddhartha held his hands out to the injured bird, calling softly to calm it down. He quieted the swan, and then gently pulled the arrow out of its wing. 2.

Who got the swan and why?

After 9 episodes and 16 makeovers it was announced that Rachel Love-Fraser had won the swan pageant. Beth placed runner-up, with Cindy second runner-up.

What age is trumpet of the swan for?