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What happens in the river hatchet?

What happens in the river hatchet?

Two years after Brian Robeson survived fifty-four days alone in the Canadian wilderness, the government wants him to head back so they can learn what he did to stay alive. This time Derek Holtzer, a government psychologist, will accompany him. But a freak storm leaves Derek unconscious.

How old is Brian Robeson in the river?

Brian Robeson, a 13-year-old boy who spent 54 days surviving alone in the Canadian wilderness the previous summer, is hired by the government to again live in the woods with only two knives and surviving only by his wits, so the military can learn his survival techniques.

What happens in the book The River by Gary Paulsen?

ABOUT THIS BOOK In The River, Brian is asked to return to the woods to teach Derek, a government psychologist, survival techniques. But when Derek is struck by lightning, Brian’s survival skills are further tested as he must find a way to get the seriously injured Derek out of the woods.

What happens to Brian after Derek is hit by lightning?

When a terrible storm comes and lightning strikes Derek and the radio transmitter leaving Derek in a coma, Brian is now again on his own. He is left with nothing. Not even the hatchet. The only way to survive is to build a raft and transport Derek a hundred miles down a river to a trading post where he can find help.

What did Derek do when Brian complained that things were going too well?


Term What is the primary setting for this story? Definition The Neck Tie River
Term True or False: Brian thought the trip was going very well after the first three days. Definition False, he thought they needed tension
Term What did Derek say about the trip? Definition He said the trip lacked tension.

What happens in Brian’s Hunt?

Plot summary Brian, who is now sixteen years old, is canoeing through the Canadian wilderness. He realizes that the woods are now his home and he will never be happy in modern society with its noise, pollution, and inauthentic people. He now spends his time in the wild hunting, fishing, and home schooling himself.

Does Brian tell his dad the secret?

Although he repeatedly intends to, Brian never actually tells his father about “The Secret.”

How old is the pilot in Hatchet?

The pilot is an unnamed man in his mid-forties who flies Brian in a small plane to see his father in Northern Canada. The pilot is brusque but kind, making little conversation with Brian but encouraging him to enjoy the flight and even to try his hand at controlling the plane.

What is the main message of the River by Gary Paulsen?

The theme of this book is without a doubt survival. Throughout the entire story, Brian is struggling for his own life, and Derek’s. Surviving in the woods has been the objective the whole time.

How did Brian approach making a fire?

In Chapter 9, Brian takes patches of birchbark peelings and shaves them to make birchbark fluff. He then takes the fluff and forms it into a nest with a depression in the middle. Brian uses his hatchet to create sparks which land in the nest, and he blows on the embers to create fire.

What did Brian realize while tracking the killer bear?

When Brian reaches their cabin, he finds that a bear had killed the parents and apparently chased Susan into hiding. He finds bear tracks on an island and begins to follow them. He later realizes that he was walking in a circle.

What happened during Brian’s car ride with his mother from the city to meet the plane?

What happened during Brian’s car ride with his mother from the city to meet the plane? Brian’s mother tried to get him to talk about what was wrong. What was Brian’s father’s job? What was the purpose of Brian’s trip to the Canadian woods.

How did Brian and Derek get on the river?

Afraid that Derek will die before anyone worries about them, Brian decides their only choice is to raft the river a hundred miles to a trading post. Brian builds a raft and ties Derek to it. Within minutes they are on the river and riding the current toward help.

How did the river make Brian a better person?

Instead, it made him a better person. He is quieter and more serious, but also closer to his mother and more able to accept hard realities, like his parents’ divorce. Two weeks after Brian meets the three men, he and a military psychologist, Derek, board a bush plane to northern Canada.

How did Brian Robeson survive in the river?

At the beginning of The River, Brian Robeson opens his front door to three men. They ask if he is the Brian Robeson who survived for fifty-four days alone in the Canadian wilderness after a plane crash. Brian says yes.

How did Brian survive in the river by Gary Paulsen?

Two years earlier, Brian was stranded alone in the wilderness for fifty-four days with nothing but a small hatchet. Yet he survived. Now the government wants him to do it again—to go back into the wilderness so that astronauts and the military can learn the survival techniques that kep “We want you to do it again.”