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What happens at the end of MIB 3?

What happens at the end of MIB 3?

After the action sequence ends, Young Agent K and the Nameless Colonel walk away from the rocket launch together, while Agent J watches from afar. Young Boris reappears and kills the Colonel, and then Young Agent K shoots Young Boris. Sad.

Who is woman in the opening scene Men in Black 3?

Nicole Scherzinger steals the spotlight from her leading Men In Black in a figure-hugging gown at premiere.

What happened to Agent K in MIB 3?

Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones). He confronts K, K and J (Will Smith) corner him, but he disappears. The next day, J goes to pick up K, but finds someone else living at his apartment. When he goes to M.I.B., he looks for K, but everyone there tells him, K died in 1969 after tackling with Boris.

What happened to J and K in MIB?

During the MIB: International premiere, producer Laurie MacDonald told Variety (via Digital Spy) that the filmmakers felt the story arc for J and K was complete. Instead, things went in a different direction and International came about instead with brand new stars.

Did they paint Will Smith for Aladdin?

The Will Smith Genie in ‘Aladdin’ is a total creation The animated Genie from 1992’s Aladdin took on some of Robin Williams’ features and adapted as he did impressions. However, Smith said it took more than blue paint to create his Genie.

Does K get his memory back?

Agent K regains his memory after looking at the stars Agent K returns to the lower part of the store and Jay is being ‘bended’ and attacked by several aliens searching for him. Kay shoots the alien holding Jay with his Noisy Cricket. With the help of Jay, Kay defeats all the aliens.

What did Nicole Scherzinger wear in men in Black 3?

With her low cut leather mini dress, thigh high black boots and oversized gun, Nicole Scherzinger is certainly set to make a big impression in her first blockbuster film role.

Who is the girl with the gun in men in Black 3?

One dramatic picture features Nicole flying through the air towards Boris, while another shows her toting an oversized silver gun. Swinging into action: New film stills from Men In Black III show Nicole Scherzinger as leather clad Lily Poison flying through the air

Who was the villain in men in Black 3?

Here’s Nicole Scherzinger’s villain role in Men In Black 3 explained, and how her character meets her demise. After actors like Clint Eastwood and Chris O’Donnell were considered for the movie, Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith were cast as Agents K and J in the original Men In Black.

Who is lily poison in men in Black 3?

Swinging into action: New film stills from Men In Black III show Nicole Scherzinger as leather clad Lily Poison flying through the air Strolling alongside the fearsome one armed and bearded Boris, the pair are shown striding through a prison, leaving guards scattered dead on the floor in their wake.