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What happened to Michael Wilding?

What happened to Michael Wilding?

Wilding died on 8 July 1979 in Chichester, West Sussex, as a result of head injuries suffered from a fall down a flight of stairs during an epileptic seizure.

What age was Michael Wilding when he died?

66 years (1912–1979)
Michael Wilding/Age at death

Michael Wilding, the actor, died yesterday, 12 hours after he was injured in a fall on Saturday at his country home in Chichester, England. He was 66 years old and had been in failing health for some time.

Was Michael Wilding a dancer?

In her memoir, Caron wrote that Wilding was “the most pleasant partner one could dream of. He was no dancer and had to have a double… slightly humiliating for a romantic British actor who had been brought from England for his resemblance to Leslie Howard.” He even wanted Caron to ask for him to be replaced!

Did Michael Wilding marry Elizabeth Taylor?

Taylor married the British actor in a low-key ceremony in February 1952. He was 20 years her senior and the couple had two sons together, Michael Howard and Christopher Edward. The couple divorced in 1957. …

Who is Liz Taylor’s granddaughter?

Naomi Wildingvia Michael Wilding Jr.
Laela Wildingvia Michael Wilding Jr.
Elizabeth Taylor/Granddaughters
A passionate activist, she was prominent in the fight against the AIDS epidemic, using her celebrity to put a spotlight on the crisis. Today, Taylor’s lookalike granddaughter, Naomi deLuce Wilding, is carrying on her legacy by continuing this important work through The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

What happened Anna Neagle?

LONDON (AP) _ Dame Anna Neagle, the famed British actress who had a 69-year stage and film career, died Tuesday in a nursing home near London, her agent said. She was 81. In May, Dame Anna was ordered by a doctor to take a rest when she was found to be suffering from exhaustion.

Where is Anna Neagle buried?

City of London Cemetery & Crematorium, London, United Kingdom
Anna Neagle/Place of burial

How did Michael Wilding become a movie star?

Born in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, England on July 23, 1912, Wilding became a commercial artist after leaving school. He gained employment in the art department of a film studio in London in 1933, and he was soon approached by producers to become a movie star-in-training due to his dashing good looks.

Where was Michael Wilding born and where was he born?

Born in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, England on July 23, 1912, Wilding became a commercial artist after leaving school.

When did Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Wilding get married?

The Wildings ( Elizabeth Taylor) and the Grangers ( Jean Simmons) were often seen on the town together in the 1950s. With five failed marriages between them, Wilding and Margaret Leighton allegedly had a difficult time finding someone to marry them in 1964.

Who was John Wilding’s client in Pastorale?

His clients included Richard Burton, then the husband of Wilding’s ex-wife Elizabeth Taylor. However, Wilding proved a failure as an agent (“I didn’t know how to make deals”, he said) and went back to acting. His film appearance in Pastorale went unseen as the film wasn’t released.