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What happened to Bo from Needtobreathe?

What happened to Bo from Needtobreathe?

Our brother Bo has decided to step away from NEEDTOBREATHE. We care deeply about Bo. His active involvement in this band doesn’t change that. His vision and heart have played a major role in every aspect of who NEEDTOBREATHE is and his impact will be felt for the life of the band.

How old is Rinehart?

39 years (December 31, 1981)
Bo Rinehart/Age

Who is Bear Rinehart married to?

Mary Reames
Bear Rinehart/Spouse
In addition to the inspiration of fatherhood, so is Bear’s wife, Mary Reames Rinehart. “Marriage and fatherhood have shown me that the hard times are what teach you the most about who you are,” he says.

What is Bo Rinehart real name?

Nathaniel Bryant Rinehart
Bo Rinehart was born as Nathaniel Bryant Rinehart.

Why did Rinehart leave NEEDTOBREATHE?

For the past 20 years, Rinehart had performed with his brother Bo Rinehart at his side. But shortly before the release of their last studio album in 2020, the guitarist decided to step away from the band. The departure, coupled with the realities of the pandemic, forced the band to approach music-making in new ways.

What religion is NEEDTOBREATHE?

Christian rock
Needtobreathe (stylized as NEEDTOBREATHE) is an American Christian rock band from Seneca, South Carolina, United States.

Is needtobreathe still together?

I think it’ll be shocking, for sure.” Nevertheless, Rinehart promises that Needtobreathe is still in business, even with he and bandmate Josh Lovelace both releasing solo projects. “I think we all love the band,” Rinehart says. “My thought is all of this makes us stronger as musicians and better as people.

Who is lead singer for Needtobreathe?

Bear Rinehart

Is NEEDTOBREATHE still together?

When did Bo leave NEEDTOBREATHE?

For the first time in the 20-plus year career of NEEDTOBREATHE, lead guitarist Bo Rinehart, Bear’s brother, wasn’t there; he left the band in 2019 after years of tension between the two siblings.

Who is the new member of NEEDTOBREATHE?

Bear RinehartPiano
Seth BoltAcoustic Drum KitJosh LovelaceBacking VocalsBo RinehartMandolinJoe StillwellAcoustic Drum Kit

Are Needtobreathe Christians?

Though frequently tagged as a Christian-rock band because of their initial successes in Christian radio markets, Needtobreathe resist that categorization because of the challenges it presents to non-evangelical listeners.