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What happened in Chapter 4 Lord of Flies?

What happened in Chapter 4 Lord of Flies?

Ralph goes to Piggy to use his glasses to light a fire, and at that moment, Jack’s friendly feelings toward Ralph change to resentment. The boys roast the pig, and the hunters dance wildly around the fire, singing and reenacting the savagery of the hunt.

What is the overall message of Lord of the Flies?

In Lord of the Flies, William Golding is conveying the message that human beings must have rules, authority and government in order to maintain a safe environment. Left to their own, with freedom from discipline, rules, and governmental regulations, Jack and his tribal warriors return to animal instincts.

What is the main idea of Lord of the Flies Chapter 4?

Jack chooses to hunt over tending the fire. His choice has devastating consequences: a ship and the prospect of rescue pass. Jack has decided that rescue (civilization) is not as important to him as hunting (savagery), while Ralph has clearly taken the other side.

Why is Ralph envious and resentful at the end of Chapter 4?

Ralph is resentful and envious because he sees that the other boys are having fun being savage and he wants to join in, but he still holds on to civilization so he can’t join. Piggy’s glasses represent intelligence and civilization.

What does this show us about Simon’s personality?

Simon is hardworking, and he also yields to reason. Simon understands that there is an urgent need for the shelters they are trying to construct, and despite not having any skills in construction, he tries to play his part in assisting Ralph.

What does Simon’s death symbolize?

The death of Simon is a turning point in “Lord of the Flies”. It represents the completion of their degeneration from civilization to savagery. Golding uses the death of Simon in the novel to represent the boy’s completion of their degeneration from civilization to social breakdown.

Why is Jack obsessed with killing a pig for meat?

Why is Jack obsessed with killing a pig for meat? Jack wants to prove a point that he is contributing to the island. His job is to hunt, and he wants to prove the point that he can hunt by killing a pig for meat. He is also trying to avenge himself, because the previous time he was not able to kill the pig.

Who represents Civilisation and order?

Ralph represents order, leadership, and civilization.

What is the biggest conflict between Ralph and Jack in Chapter 4?

The conflict between Jack and Ralph increases in chapter 4 because Jack kills a pig, and Ralph is angry that he let the fire go out. From the beginning, Jack and Ralph value different things. Jack never quite got over the fact that Ralph was chosen leader.

Who gives piggy meat Chapter 4?

No one hands Piggy any meat, and when Jack gives him a hard time about his not helping with the hunt, Simon gives his own food to Piggy. Jack is furious, and yells at Simon to “Eat! Damn you!” He basically realizes he has no power over the boys unless they eat the meat he got for them all.

Why does Maurice pretend to be a pig?

Why does Maurice pretend to be a pig? Maurice ‘felt the unease of wrong-doing’ and stopped teasing the younger children. After the first successful hunt, Maurice pretends to be a pig when the other boys pretend to attack him, foreshadowing future events …

What does this show us about Simon’s personality chapter 7?

Simon is very in touch with the nature around him and his quite intuitive about things. He knows that some of the boys will not make it off the island. In chapter 7 we see that Ralph sees the ocean as a barrier to them being rescued. He sees it as a physical wall to anyone coming to rescue them.

Why does Ralph fly in the Lord of the flies?

When the fire—a symbol of the boys’ connection to civilization—goes out, the boys’ first chance of being rescued is thwarted. Ralph flies into a rage, indicating that he is still governed by desire to achieve the good of the whole group.

Where does Jack go in the Lord of the flies?

Jack, obsessed with the idea of killing a pig, camouflages his face with clay and charcoal and enters the jungle to hunt, accompanied by several other boys. On the beach, Ralph and Piggy see a ship on the horizon—but they also see that the signal fire has gone out.

Who are the vicious boys in Lord of the flies?

One vicious boy named Roger joins another boy, Maurice, in cruelly stomping on a sand castle the littluns have built. Roger even throws stones at one of the boys, although he does remain careful enough to avoid actually hitting the boy with his stones.

What makes Piggy different from the others in Lord of the flies?

Piggy is different from the others because he is a little heavier in weight than the rest along with him having asthma. He also has thick, big glasses. You can also tell that he has more intelligence than others based on the way he talks. How does Ralph treat Piggy?