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What does XOXO mean texting?

What does XOXO mean texting?

XOXO is one of the most exciting sigh-off in the English language, which is used at the very end of the correspondence or SMS, a letter or a separate message in chat. In fact, XOXO is not kind of abbreviation, it is a symbolic designation, that stands for “hugs and kisses.” The symbol X denotes bowed lips,…

What does X mean in XO?

The X stands for “kiss”, the O for “hug”. Accordingly, XX means “kisses” and XOXO “hugs and kisses”. Both are often used as a closing formula in SMS or other messages. For example, “XX Marie” under a message text. The more X, the more kisses.

What is the meaning of X and O?

X is for kisses, and O is for hugs. Simply, the X symbolizes the lips being in “kissing” position, and the O are the arms “hugging” seen from above.