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What does SWAT stand for in law enforcement?

What does SWAT stand for in law enforcement?

Special Weapons & Tactics | SWAT. Special Weapons and Tactics teams (SWAT) are special operations units in civilian law enforcement agencies such as County Police Departments, Sheriff Departments, US Marshall service, the FBI etc. The SWAT team of a given agency may be called the Special Response Team, Emergency Response Team,…

What kind of weapons are used in SWAT teams?

Many police departments believe that by purchasing specialized weapons (e.g. M4s, HK MP5s, SCARs, laser sights) they have a SWAT team of sorts and, therefore, some type of advantage over the bad guys. This is dangerous thinking and can result in unnecessary risks and, oftentimes, deaths (both civilian and law enforcement).

How much does it cost to have a SWAT team?

The municipal costs of SWAT teams can vary tremendously. In a large urban area, the SWAT team is usually a dedicated, 24/7 unit with as many as 60 officers. Costs for equipment, training and personnel can run to seven figures.

How does a SWAT call out usually start?

A typical SWAT call-out starts with the on-duty team members out on patrol, training or doing other police work. They may hear of an incident over their police radio that sounds like it could require SWAT.

Who are the members of the SWAT team?

While some major cities, such as Los Angeles, can maintain a SWAT team with officers who are primarily members of the team, most cities have officers on the SWAT team as secondary positions. This means that most SWAT team members are typically part of the general police force on most days.

What kind of gear does a SWAT team wear?

Clothing includes body armor, protective helmets and eye wear, assault webbing for holding magazines, knee pads, gloves and rappeling harnesses. Richfield Police Departmen, Minnesota, SWAT team in full tactical gear during a training mission.

Is it good to be on the SWAT team?

Serving on the SWAT team isn’t for everyone; it’s not even for every officer. But for those who can hack it, it can be an amazingly rewarding and exciting job.