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What does Msimangu think of John Kumalo?

What does Msimangu think of John Kumalo?

Msimangu says of John Kumalo, “He says that what God has not done for South Africa, he must do” (page 15). While John Kumalo says he has left the church to actively help his people, he truly only wants to make a name for himself. He does not like the church because he feels beholden to too many rules.

What does Msimangu question John about?

Msimangu arrives and brings Kumalo to the shop of his brother, John. Although John does not recognize Kumalo at first, he seems pleasantly surprised to see him. Kumalo learns that John’s wife, Esther, has left him, and that John has since acquired a mistress. Msimangu questions John’s fidelity to his former wife.

Who was John Kumalo?

John Kumalo is our Kumalo’s little brother. He owns a shop in Johannesburg, but his real pride and joy is his politicking. He gives rousing speeches about taking back what white employers owe to their black employees and seizing a share of South Africa’s profitable mining profits for the black community.

Who is Gertrude Kumalo?

Gertrude is Kumalo’s little sister—much littler, in fact, since she is twenty-five years and a whole generation younger than Kumalo. Kumalo receives a letter from Msimangu asking him to come to the city and take care of his sick sister. …

What is Kumalo afraid of?

He knows the great power that he has, the power of which he is afraid. During one of John’s speeches, the narrator explains the magnitude of John’s power and how power represents the one thing he fears being taken away from him.

How does Msimangu’s sermon seems to speak directly to Kumalo quizlet?

Explain how Msimangu’s sermon seems to speak directly to umfundisi? The sermon speaks to umfundisi with a voice and with a sad face. He is direct and precise.

What is the main idea of John Kumalo’s argument?

John argues that the wealth from the new gold that has been found in South Africa should be shared with the miners. The crowd roars with John as he declares that the miners deserve higher wages and better conditions. Some of the white policemen on guard say that John should be shot or imprisoned.

Why does Kumalo go to see his brother John?

Why did Stephen Kumalo go to Johannesburg? He received a letter informing him that his sister who had moved there was not well. He went to see what he could do for her. While there, he intended to try to find his brother and his son who also had gone to Johannesburg to live.

Why did Msimangu call Gertrude sick?

Why did Msimangu call Gertrude sick? She is sick with sin. What news does umfundisi find out about his brother? He is a successful businessman and politician.

What is the point of chapter 9 in relation to the novel’s themes?

What is the point of Chapter 9 in relationship to the novel’s themes? Chapter 9 is used to emphasize, elaborate on and personalize the terrible conditions under which the natives of South Africa were living.

What is the main idea of Cry the Beloved Country?

Through most of Alan Paton’s Cry, the Beloved Country, Kumalo is tortured by his disappointment in the decisions of his loved ones and the consequences they face as a result of their poor choices. Kumalo’s pain and suffering is so pronounced that it emerges as one of the central themes of the story.

What is the main idea of chapter 9 in Percy Jackson?

The main idea of chapter 9 is Percy being offered the quest.