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What does Mrs Baker mean when she tells Holling his future?

What does Mrs Baker mean when she tells Holling his future?

Mrs. Baker claims that teachers can know the future and asks Holling if he wants to know what his own future will be like. Holling doesn’t, but in any case Mrs. Baker tells him that it will have a happy ending.

What does Mrs Baker help Holling with that requires them to go outside?

Holling decides to ask out his classmate Meryl Lee for Valentine’s Day. He has no money and is afraid he’ll look like a cheapskate. Mrs. Baker helps him get free tickets to a performance of Romeo and Juliet.

What does Holling think of Romeo and Juliet What does Mrs Baker think of it?

Baker. He thinks that Romeo and Juliet were stupid because they wouldn’t have acted the way that they did. They certainly shouldn’t have killed themselves; they should’ve just defied their parents and run away to Mantua. Than twenty of their swords.”

What does Mrs Baker do for Holling?

Mrs. Baker supplies cream puffs for the class to save Holling from their ire when he cannot get them himself for lack of funds and other extenuating circumstances.

Did Mrs Baker really hate Holling?

Over time, Mrs. Baker demonstrates that she doesn’t hate Holling at all and, in fact, eventually becomes a parental figure for him.

Why did Mrs Baker keep rats in her classroom?

Baker named her two rats after Shakespeare characters because she loves Shakespeare. Baker decides that it would be good for Holling to read Shakespeare during their Wednesday afternoons. Holling disagrees, but learns to love reading Shakespeare and deeply respect Mrs.

What is the main reason Holling Hoodhood believes Mrs Baker hates his guts?

Holling thinks Mrs. Baker hates his guts because she keeps staring at him and rolling her eyes at him as she is calling roll.

What made Holling run faster on his fourth lap?

Holling passes students on his fourth lap, and as he runs around the parking lot, he sees the exterminator preparing to take the rats. Holling runs faster as the rats pursue him, racing into the tennis courts and slamming the gate shut behind him.

Why didn’t Holling complain about helping Mrs Baker on Wednesday?

Why didn’t Holling complain about helping Mrs. Baker on Wednesday? He’d rather clean than repeat sixth grade math.

Why won’t Holling complain about doing chores for Mrs Baker?

Chapter 2 – October Why does Holling do all of the chores for Mrs. Baker WITHOUT complaining? Holling does all of Mrs. Baker’s chores without complaining because he did not want to upset his father or risk the Baker family’s favor of Hoodhood and Associates as a potential architect for the Baker’s Sporting Emporium.

Who displays unexpected heroic qualities when she grabs the rats by their necks?

(March) He wants to avoid being at home. (March) Who displays unexpected heroic qualities when she grabs the rats by their necks? (March) Mrs. Sidman.

Why does Holling compare to Shylock’s father?

Why does Holling compare his father to Shakespeare’s character, Shylock? He wonders how his dad likes it when people go down. Mrs. Baker drove him tothe hospital and Danny’s parents drove him home from the play.