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What does it mean to detest someone?

What does it mean to detest someone?

transitive verb. 1 : to feel intense and often violent antipathy toward : loathe detests politics They seem to truly detest each other. 2 obsolete : curse, denounce.

Is detest stronger than hate?

Senior Member. detest is more haïr, whereas hate is closer to détester – detest is much stronger. It’s not uncommon at all, but much less used than hate (same with haïr…)

What does Dested mean?

/dɪˈtest/ to hate someone or something very much: I detest any kind of cruelty.

Is detest the same as hate?

The word can apply to things and also to people. Detest comes from the Middle French word détester, meaning “to curse, to call God to witness and abhor.” Though the words detest and hate are interchangeable, the word hate is much more common, which has caused it to lose some of its hateful impact.

Do you resent me meaning?

To resent something is to feel anger or bitterness toward it. You might resent someone who has treated you poorly. You may resent the accusation that you were stealing cookies, or when a teacher yelled at you for whispering, even though everyone else was too.

How do you use detest?

Detest in a Sentence 🔉

  1. If you really detest your ex-husband, you will stay away from him.
  2. Janet’s parents detest her new boyfriend because he has a very bad reputation.
  3. Because I had to sit at a table with someone I detest, I did not enjoy the holiday banquet.
  4. The animal activists detest people who purchase fur coats.

Is loathe worse than hate?

Loathe is a transitive verb with the meaning to be disgusted or repulsed by. Many people use it to express an emotion even stronger than hate. With simple, utter loathing!

What is stronger than hate word?

There are many words stronger than ‘hate’ Check the following list : loath, detest, disgust. abhor, abominate, despise. execrable, repulsive, nauseous, sickening, despicable.

What it means barf?

intransitive verb. US, informal : vomit Acute mountain sickness is typified by a headache that feels as if Thor himself is hammering your brain and by a strong desire to barf.—

Which is worse loathe or despise?

Loathe is extensively used for simple distaste. It also focuses on aversion or dislike. Ex – She loathed men who had mustaches or beards. Despise usually indicates finding something offensive or morally objectionable.

Is resent a strong word?

To resent is a strong, negative feeling.

What is the meaning of detest?

To detest is defined as to really dislike or hate someone or something. When you really, really don’t like someone, this is an example of detest. YourDictionary definition and usage example. “Detest.”.

What does detested mean?

detests; detested; detesting. Learner’s definition of DETEST. [+ object] formal. : to dislike (someone or something) very strongly. Those two really seem to detest [=hate, despise] each other. She detested [=loathed] living in the city.

What is the noun for detest?

Detest. To hate intensely; to abhor; to abominate; to loathe; as, we detest what is contemptible or evil. Distaste (noun) Aversion of the taste; dislike, as of food or drink; disrelish. Distaste (noun) Discomfort; uneasiness. Distaste (noun) Alienation of affection; displeasure; anger. Distaste.

What does Detesto mean?

Detest(verb) to witness against; to denounce; to condemn. Detest(verb) to hate intensely; to abhor; to abominate; to loathe; as, we detest what is contemptible or evil.