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What did the women do in the Southwest tribe?

What did the women do in the Southwest tribe?

Like many other Indians, Southwest peoples divided household labor between women and men. Among the Yumans, the Pima, and the Tohono O’odham, women generally were responsible for most domestic tasks, such as food preparation and child-rearing. Men’s tasks included the clearing of fields and hunting.

What was the woman’s role in the plains?

Although Plains nations were culturally diverse, women usually did most of the perennial labor–including building lodges and tipis, farming, processing hides, and rearing young children.

What did the Mojave Indians do for a living?

Mojave husbands and wives worked together to farm their fields. Men planted and watered the crops, and women harvested them. Mojave women did most of the cooking and child care, and men sometimes went to war to protect their families. Both genders took part in storytelling, music and artwork, and traditional medicine.

What was the role of men in the Mohawk tribe?

Mohawk men would go to war, which was often. There was a lot of fighting between the 5 tribes. They were not the Haudenosaunee. Men are significant in the Mohawk nation because of their many responsibilities such as being chiefs, medicine men and protectors of the clan.

What kind of clothing did the Mojave Indians wear?

Originally, Mojave people didn’t wear much clothing– men wore only loincloths and women wore knee-length skirts. Shirts were not necessary in Mojave culture, but the Mojaves sometimes wore rabbit-skin robes or ponchos at night when the weather became cooler.

What did the women do when the tribe moved?

When a tribe moved, it was generally the woman’s job to pack up the home for moving and then set it back up at the new location. The men were in charge of the tribe’s activities away from the home. Hunting – The primary job of the men was hunting and fishing.