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What did Himmelstoss do to Paul and his friends?

What did Himmelstoss do to Paul and his friends?

Himmelstoss treats the men at the canteen when they are “out of funds”, and brings them gifts, including “two pounds of sugar…and a half-pound of butter”.

What did Paul and his friends do to Himmelstoss at the end of Chapter 3 Why?

Himmelstoss Is Coming! Haie Westhus, another soldier, sits down with them and Paul recalls how he, Kropp, Tjaden, and Haie got revenge on Himmelstoss for his cruelty before they left boot camp by jumping him on a dark road and beating him.

What does Kantorek call Paul and his friends?

Iron Youth
In calling Paul and his friends “Iron Youth,” Kantorek implies that they are young, impassive, and strong.

What do Kropp and Paul do to Himmelstoss that angers him but ultimately causes him to lose his authority over them?

What accident angers him and causes him to threaten Paul and Kropp? Himmelstoss is a strict rule follower. Paul and Kropp are emptying chamber pots, he walks by and stops them short, causing them to dump it on his legs.

What makes Kemmerich’s death so personal for Paul?

What makes Kemmerich’s death so personal for Paul? They grew up together. It shows that Kemmerich understands that he is going to die, and that Muller meant no harm in asking for the boots, it is merely a necessity for survival on the front.

How many times did Paul have to make corporal Himmelstoss’s bed once?

Paul recalls having “remade his bed fourteen times in one morning… each time (Himmelstoss) had some fault to find and pulled it to pieces”.

Which character hates Himmelstoss the most?

Paul explains that Tjaden holds a grudge against Himmelstoss. Tjaden is a bed wetter, and during training, Himmelstoss set out to break him of this habit, which he attributed to laziness. He found another bed wetter, Kindervater, and forced them to sleep in the same set of bunk beds.

What is Paul’s mother dying from?

Sister: Paul’s sister, who is caring for their sick mother. Mother: Dying of cancer, she worries about Paul from her sick-bed. She is the only person who doesn’t ask Paul for details about the war. Father: Paul’s father is proud of him, and tries to get Paul to tell him war stories, much to Paul’s annoyance.

How does Paul feel after Kemmerich’s death?

Kemmerich is very near death. He is saddened by the fact that he will never become a head forester, as he had hoped. Paul attends Kemmerich’s death throes. He lies next to his friend to try to comfort him, assuring him that he will get well and return home.

Why does Paul say he should never have had a leave?

Why does Paul say he should never have had a leave? It is only a pause which makes everything after it so much worse. Out on the front he was able to block all emotion out to be hopeless yet indifferent.

Why is Himmelstoss hated?

He’s a training officer at the training camp the boys must attend before being deployed to the front lines, and he’s universally hated because he’s a bully. He’s cruel, plans sadistic punishments, and throws his weight around. He does this because he’s insecure about his job as a postman before the war.

What is Kat’s sixth sense?

What is Kat’s “sixth sense”? finding things like food, water, clothing, and blankets.

What does Paul say about Himmelstoss in All Quiet on the Western Front?

Paul reflects on the teachings of drill instructor Himmelstoss. Himmelstoss was cruel and unfair, leading the men to attack Himmelstoss in the night for revenge. This attack will not be the first time Himmelstoss is confronted with the reality of what he teaches, and he is often ill-equipped to handle it.

What happens to Himmelstoss at the end of the book?

After a drubbing by Tjaden and his pals, Himmelstoss continues to lord his authority through complaint to the commandant. His strutting ends when he faces a bombardment that kills officer and recruit alike. To his cowering, Paul pours out abuse: “You lump, will you get out — you hound, you skunk, sneak out of it, would you?”

Why was Corporal Himmelstoss considered a young hero?

And an old buffer was pleased to describe us as “young heroes.” When Paul and some soldiers ambush Himmelstoss in the night, Paul notes that even some of the older, more mature military men are pleased at Himmelstoss’s pain. This camaraderie in the face of petty authority exemplifies the soldiers’ standards for respect.

Who is the Smart Himmelstoss of the parade ground?

Himmelstoss, jolted from his panic by a lieutenant’s orders, regains his professionalism and becomes “the smart Himmelstoss of the parade-ground,” passing up the lieutenant in his zeal to make a good impression. Remarque allows Himmelstoss a reprieve from ignominy in Chapter 7, after he replaces Ginger the cook.