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What defensive features did Motte and Bailey castles have?

What defensive features did Motte and Bailey castles have?

The Keep. The keep on top of the motte was the castle’s primary defensive element. It was surrounded by a protective wall, originally made of wood. Small mottes could only support a simple tower but larger mottes could support more complex structures that often contained multiple rooms.

What is a motte and what is a bailey?

This consisted of two main components: the motte, an artificial mound atop which was built a fortified tower called a keep, and a bailey, which was an enclosure connected to the motte. Many castles of this type also had a ditch around the bailey.

What are 5 features of Norman castles?

Key Features. Windows.

  • Doors. Castle doors had to be reinforced to withstand attack.
  • Towers. Crenellated towers are a distinguishing feature of Norman castles.
  • Timber. The first of England’s Norman castles were built from wood.
  • What are the strengths of Motte and Bailey castles?

    At a glance: advantages of Motte and Bailey castles

    • Cheap and easy to build – you could even use an existing mound or hill for foundations.
    • Didn’t require and specialist materials – earth and timber were always nearby.

    What is the purpose of a Motte and Bailey castle?

    Motte and bailey castles were a form of castle structure that enabled the new Norman conquerors of England and Wales to secure areas of land quickly and cheaply. The Normans needed a castle design they could erect quickly to subdue the vanquished Britons.

    What are the weaknesses of a Motte and Bailey castle?

    The major weakness of the motte and bailey castle was the likelihood of the keep rotting or burning down. The solution was to build stone keeps but these could not always be built on the same site since the weight of the stone would sink into the motte.

    What is the bailey used for?

    The bailey is where followers of the lord of the castle lived. Many building would be built inside the bailey for stables, kitchens, houses, soldiers quarters, bakeries, and storehouses. The bailey was designed to be defended by archers.

    How old is Pevensey?

    955c. 1066
    Pevensey Castle/Age

    What is a Norman castle called?

    Norman castles were designed for a different purpose, they were not defensive structures like the burhs , they were designed to intimidate the conquered Anglo-Saxons and remind them of Norman power.

    What are the strengths and weaknesses of a motte and bailey castle?

    Although the wooden structure was much more vulnerable to damage than a stone structure, a motte and bailey castle could be built quickly until the Normans had the time to build more permanent stone structures. The major weakness of the motte and bailey castle was the likelihood of the keep rotting or burning down.

    What are the advantages of motte and bailey?

    Motte and Bailey Castles

    Advantages quick to build protected by the soldiers Disadvantages made of wood temporary
    Evaluation A motte and bailey castle was a way that William the Conqueror could control his land that he had just won. This was only temporary solution though so that is why stone castles started to be built

    What is a motte and its purpose?

    A motte was an earth mound, forming a defensible raised platform on which a tower – a keep – could be built. The earth for the motte would be taken from around its own base, forming a deep ditch, aiding the builders’ ability to defend. The motte would be strengthened with wooden supports or clay.