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What country has about 6000 islands?

What country has about 6000 islands?


Country No. of islands No. of inhabited islands
India 1,382 47
Indonesia 17,508 6,000
Italy 808
Japan 6,852 430

Which country have more islands?

Though Sweden is the country with the most islands in the world, less than 1,000 of them are inhabited,” World Atlas said. Norway is close behind in second place with 239,057 counted islands. Finland is third with 178,947, followed by Canada (52,455) and the United States (18,617).

How many islands do Sweden have?

267 570
Sweden has nearly 270 000 islands. Most of the islands are in Norrbotten County, followed by Stockholm County and Västra Götaland County….3 percent of Sweden’s land area consists of islands.

Key figures Islands in total
Number of islands 267 570
Area, hectares 1 211 243
Perimeter, km 67 251
Number of populated islands 984

Who has more islands Philippines or Indonesia?

Which Countries Have The Most Islands?

Rank Country Number of islands
5 United States 18,617
6 Indonesia 17,504
7 Australia 8,222
8 Philippines 7,641

What county has the most islands?

Website claims that out of all countries on the planet, Sweden has the most islands with 221,800, the majority of which are uninhabited. Even the capital of Stockholm is built across a 14-island archipelago with more than 50 bridges.

How many islands are in Japan?

6852 islands
According to this definition, the Japanese archipelago consists of 6852 islands, including the northern territories (the islands of Etorofu, Kunashiri, Shikotan and Habomai), of which 421 are inhabited and more than 90% uninhabited (Nihon Rito-center, 1996: 1–2).

Why does the Philippines have 7 000 islands?

Answer: The Sea reacted by throwing waves of water towards the Sky. The soil quieted the Sea and also made the Sky lighter. The soil turned into 7,000 islands and that is how the Philippines came to be.

How many island are in the world?

Islands Around the World There are around two thousand islands in oceans in the world. It has not been possible to come up with the total number of islands around other water bodies such as lakes due to the wide and varying definitions of what makes an island.

How many island countries are there?

Island Countries Of The World

  • There are 47 island countries in the world.
  • Many island countries are small and sparsely populated, but some are large and rank among the world’s most populous countries.
  • There are island countries in every part of the world, in each of the world’s oceans.

How many islands are in Australia?

Number of islands

New South Wales 102
Jervis Bay Territory 1
Australian Capital Territory
TOTAL 8222

How many islands Philippines have?

7,640 islands
Located in the Pacific Ocean near the equator, the Republic of the Philippines consists of around 7,640 islands — about 2,000 of which are inhabited — that form an archipelago.

Which is the country with the most islands in the world?

Though Sweden is the country with the most islands in the world, less than 1,000 of them are inhabited. The country’s thousands of islands can be found largely along its eastern coastline from the far north to the deep south, with some also located off Sweden’s west coast.

Are there any uninhabited islands in the world?

Although most of the islands are uninhabited, some are tourist attractions. Like the Greek islands, the Thai islands are grouped as Mu Ko Chang National Park, with its 52 islands, Phang Nga Bay, with its 67 islands, and Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park, with its 42 islands. In the local language, the word Ko means an island.

How many islands does Japan have in the world?

Although not a tropical getaway, Japan hosts nearly 7,000 islands. All unique and beautiful in their own way, Japan’s archipelago is an interesting cluster of islands to visit. There are four main islands, and only 430 islands are inhabited. 5. Philippines

How many islands are there in the UK?

Ordnance Survey has mapped 6,289 UK islands, mostly in Scotland. The British Isles (including Ireland) has 6,806. Which should I visit? You can’t beat Skye, reckons Nick Crane.