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What countries did Cortes conquer?

What countries did Cortes conquer?

Hernán Cortés was a Spanish conquistador, or conqueror, best remembered for conquering the Aztec empire in 1521 and claiming Mexico for Spain. He also helped colonize Cuba and became a governor of New Spain.

Who did the Cortes conquer?

Between 1519 and 1521 Hernán Cortés and a small band of men brought down the Aztec empire in Mexico, and between 1532 and 1533 Francisco Pizarro and his followers toppled the Inca empire in Peru. These conquests laid the foundations for colonial regimes that would transform the Americas.

Where did Cortes land in the New World?

Cortes sailed for the New World in 1504. He first arrived on the island of Hispaniola at the city of Santo Domingo. He got a job as a notary and over the next five years made a name for himself on the island. In 1511, Cortes joined Diego Velazquez on an expedition to Cuba.

What island did Hernan Cortes conquer?

Cuba (1511–1519) In 1511, Cortés accompanied Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar, an aide of the Governor of Hispaniola, in his expedition to conquer Cuba.

Why did the Aztec empire fall?

Disease. When the Spanish arrived, they brought with them smallpox. Smallpox spread among the indigenous people and crippled their ability to resist the Spanish. The disease devastated the Aztec people, greatly reducing their population and killing an estimated half of Tenochtitlán’s inhabitants.

Why did Cortes write a letter to Charles V?

The Second letters to Charles V were written by Hernan Cortés of Spain in 1520. The letters were sent to Charles V to justify Cortés actions of attacking the Aztec ‘s against his superiors order. The letters that Cortés wrote details the lifestyle, and culture of the Aztec ‘s and how worshipped pagan gods.

Why did the Aztec Empire fall?

How were Aztec wiped out?

Fall of the Aztec Empire The Aztecs were conquered by Spain in 1521 after a long siege of the capital, Tenochtitlan, where much of the population died from hunger and smallpox.

What killed the Mayans?

Archaeologists generally agree that the causes of the Mayan civilization decline include war, overpopulation, unsustainable practices to feed that population, and protracted drought.

Why did Hernan Cortes explore Mexico?

Hernan Cortes was a Spanish conquistador (explorer) who discovered the ancient civilization of the Aztecs . Born in Medellin, Spain, 1485, Cortes grew up to one day be called the greatest Spanish explorer in the Americas. Cortes’s greed for land, money, power and respect gave him the motive to sail to what is now Mexico and explore.

What people were conquered by Cortez?

Cortez conquered the Aztec Empire on behalf of Spain. A small group of Spanish soldiers conquered an Empire with 10,000’s of soldiers The Aztec Empire was a Native American state that ruled much of current day Mexico, from 1428 to 1521.

What city in Mexico did Hernando Cortez attack?

In 1519, Hernando Cortés (1485-1547), along with around five hundred men, landed in Vera Cruz, Mexico, and prepared to attack the main power of the region, the Aztec empire. Along with a contingent of native warriors hostile to the Aztecs , Cortés entered Tenochtitlán (Mexico City) peacefully and met Emperor Montezuma II (1502-1520).

What city did Cortes arrive in Mexico?

On this day, March 4, in 1519, a Cortes-led military expedition, after conquering much of South America (save for modern-day Brazil), landed in Mexico, in a town they named Veracruz (New Cross). Cortes did not know much about the natives yet, but what he soon found out encouraged him and his successors to eventually take over all of Mexico.