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What can you do with a dry erase board?

What can you do with a dry erase board?

10 Ways to Use a Dry Erase Board

  1. Brainstorming. Whether it is business or personal, I am a huge proponent of brainstorming.
  2. To Do Lists. I have always used my dry erase boards to make to do lists…
  3. Planning & Assessment.
  4. Family Menu/Schedule.
  5. Letter Tracing.
  6. Tracing Cartoons.
  7. Chore Charts.
  8. Coloring and Drawing.

What should I use my whiteboard for?

Instead of using multiple planning tools that you have to flip between and remember to use, simplify it down to one whiteboard. Having all your to-do lists, itinerary plans, packing lists, research needs, and more in one spot keeps you organized and on track as you plan and pack for your trip.

How do you dress up a dry erase board?

Most whiteboards are plain and leave a lot to be desired in the design aspect. To decorate your whiteboard, try framing it with tape or lace, attaching magnets to it, or using a banner to spice it up.

What should I put on my whiteboard in my room?

  1. Photographs – Take a picture, it lasts longer.
  2. Glass – The answer is clear.
  3. Paint – Up the walls.
  4. Magnetic – Attractive ideas.
  5. Wall-sized – Go big or go home.
  6. Calendar – Mark your days.
  7. Markers – True colors.

What can I write on my whiteboard at home?

You can write down motivational quotes (in my case, it’s “Stop looking at this and get to work!”) or attach photos that interest you. Contact number list. My whiteboard contains a section of emergency numbers, as well as the mobile phone numbers of everyone living in my house.

How do you organize a whiteboard for work?

Here’s how to use this whiteboard organization method:

  1. Create columns with specific time frames.
  2. Write down all your tasks/priorities under the correct time frame.
  3. Write due dates beside each of your tasks.
  4. As time goes by, move tasks to the correct time frame.
  5. Grab the necessary tools.

Can you dry erase on glass?

Windows have glass panes and glass on a non-porous surface. We all know that some markers are great for non-porous surfaces. So, you can indeed use dry erase markers on windows and even on glass sliding doors. A fairly wet paper towel can also remove the markers on the glass.

Can you use dry erase markers on desks?

​I have found that writing on the table with dry erase markers is the best! You don’t have to pass out white boards and students are engaged and eager to participate! It is easier to erase with your finger and fix a mistake than to erase with pencil on paper.

What should you not put on a whiteboard?

Do not use:

  1. Any standard kitchen or bathroom cleaner, industrial cleaner, or solution containing isopropanol alcohol.
  2. Coarse or granular cloth like paper towels and toilet paper.

What’s the best way to play dry erase board?

Split your classroom into multiple teams and divide your dry-erase board accordingly so that each team has its own place to draw. Meet with each team’s artist and share the card that they will need to sketch. Set a timer for one minute and allow teams to guess what’s being sketched. The first team to guess correctly gets a point.

What can you do with dry erase markers?

Cover over it with a dry erase marker and watch the permanent maker remove with ease. 5. If you have a desk with an acrylic finish, or a glass topped desk, you can use dry erase markers to write yourself memos, keep track of your life with a to-do list, and do so much more.

What’s the best way to do a dry erase drawing?

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help boost your dry-erase drawing abilities. First off, check your markers to make sure they are not dried up. When markers are dry, it they become very hard to use and the ink is harder to see. We recommend stocking up on lots of fresh markers.

Is it possible to dry erase an image?

Even if the ink dries, it still is very easy to erase or mix in if lighter colors touch it. If you need to draw your image first before starting to color, you can do this with pencil. Yes, you can draw right on the board! Pencil will erase easily with the same spray that takes off the marker.