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What can I say instead of interesting?

What can I say instead of interesting?


  • absorbing,
  • arresting,
  • consuming,
  • engaging,
  • engrossing,
  • enthralling,
  • fascinating,
  • gripping,

What is a synonym of U?

39. Find another word for you. In this page you can discover 22 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for you, like: thee, yourself, y-all, thou, all of you, you yourself, you too, you alone, you-all, anybody and we.

What do you call a very interesting person?

scintillating. adjective. very impressive, interesting, or clever.

What is the synonym of exciting?

High-spirited; lively. The definition of compelling is someone or something extremely attractive or interesting. Arousing or holding the attention.

What is a positive word that starts with U?

Words Beginning With U That Have 6 or Fewer Letters

Word Definition Synonyms
up (prep.) higher away from the ground at the top
upbeat (adj.) lively or cheerful optimistic, cheerful, lively
upcast (adj.) thrown upward boost, lift, promote
uplift (v.) influence someone in a positive way inspire, stir, move

What is a very interesting word?

Engrossing, fascinating, gaining rapt attention. spellbinding. compelling. compulsive. engrossing.

How do you say very interesting?

Explore the Words

  1. intriguing. capable of arousing interest or curiosity.
  2. exciting. creating or arousing uncontrolled emotion.
  3. fascinating. capturing interest as if by a spell.
  4. riveting. capable of arousing and holding the attention.
  5. absorbing. capable of arousing and holding the attention.
  6. amusing.
  7. diverting.
  8. engrossing.

Are there any words that start with an U?

“Box” becomes UNBOX, “pack” becomes UNPACK, and “just” becomes UNJUST. Along the way, you may learn other words that start with UN that don’t have the negative prefix, like UNIQUE or UNIFORM. Truly, when you dive deep into words that start with U, you UNEARTH a veritable UTOPIA.

Which is the best synonym for the word interesting?

Synonyms for interesting include appealing, absorbing, arresting, captivating, compelling, curious, engaging, entertaining, fascinating and impressive. Find more

What can you use in place of interesting?

Defined as “very attractive or tempting; enticing; seductive,” it says a whole lot more than interesting. It comes from the French word alurer, which is equivalent to a- plus lurer, meaning “to lure.” A sexy substitute for interesting may be bewitching, which means “enchanting; charming; fascinating.”

What do you mean by interesting event in history?

An interesting event in history is one thing, but a momentous one is sure to be on the test. It’s not the fanciest word, but saying someone or something is bad does make it clearer what you mean, as do lousy, crummy, unpalatable and other words people mean when they say interesting.