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What are the examples of jump?

What are the examples of jump?

Jump is defined as to bounce or spring from the ground or from one surface to another. An example of jump is hopping over a log. An example of jump is skydiving. An example of jump is a mountain biker pulling their bike up to avoid a large rock.

How do you use jump verb?

jump. [intransitive] to move quickly off the ground or away from a surface by pushing yourself with your legs and feet “Quick, jump!” he shouted. + adv./prep. to jump into the air/over a wall/into the water The children were jumping up and down with excitement. She jumped down from the chair.

How do you use jump as a noun?


  1. She managed a jump of 1.6 metres.
  2. Cats can clear six feet with a standing jump.
  3. She made a jump for the river bank.

Which preposition is used after jump?

In 18% of cases jump on is used We jumped on the back of a passing nosimon and proceeded full speed ahead to Panigram. Jumping on stage and shouting his lyrics, Tanto Blacks got a bit quiet after he fell. Some jump into Lake Union and others jump onto the adjacent parking lot of Adobe Systems.

How do you explain jump?

English Language Learners Definition of jump

  1. : to move your body upward from the ground and often forward, backward, or sideways through the air by pushing with your legs.
  2. : to cause your body to drop or fall down from something by pushing with your legs.
  3. : to move forward through the air and over (something)

What does it mean to jump someone?

jump. 1. slang To attack (someone), usually unexpectedly. vulgar slang To have sex (with someone).

Whats is verb of jump?

(Entry 1 of 3) intransitive verb. 1a : to spring into the air : leap especially : to spring free from the ground or other base by the muscular action of feet and legs. b : to move suddenly or involuntarily : start.

Is jumping or jumps?

jump over: I jumped over the wall. jump from/out of/off: They jump from the plane at about eight thousand feet….jump ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌

present tense
I/you/we/they jump
he/she/it jumps
present participle jumping
past tense jumped

Is jump a describing word?

jump (noun) jumped–up (adjective) jumping bean (noun) bungee jump (verb)

What kind of word is jump?

As detailed above, ‘jump’ can be a verb, an adverb or a noun. Verb usage: The boy jumped over a fence. Verb usage: The player’s knight jumped the opponent’s bishop.

What does jump into mean?

(jump into something) to become involved in a situation very quickly. He jumped headlong into organizing the event. Synonyms and related words. To take part, or to become involved. join in.

What does it mean to jump in?

informal. : to say something about a subject that another person is already talking about : to join a conversation Jump in if you have any questions.