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What are the advantages of re-entry policy?

What are the advantages of re-entry policy?

Zambia has had a re-entry policy since 1997 allowing girls to return to school after having a child. It was a positive step toward upholding girls’ basic right to education, expanding their future job options, and contributing to the country’s economic progress.

How beneficial is the re-entry policy to a girl child?

However, the findings show that the re-entry policy was effective in terms of retention of girls who fall pregnant especially in aspects of re-admission, progression, completion though there have been challenges in terms of performance, high achievement and behaviour.

What is re-entry policy in education?

In 1997, Zambia instituted a School Re-Entry Policy, which officially states that girls who become pregnant as students should be allowed to return to school after giving birth.

What is the re entry policy in Zambia?

The Zambian re-entry policy guarantees girls the right to stay in school as long as they choose to during the pregnancy, take a maternity leave, and return to school—either the same school or a different one—after the leave.

What are the disadvantages of an elite education?

As has been claimed by an Ivy League graduate himself, an elite education has its own inadequacies. The atmosphere in which these ‘elite’ students are instructed and taught brings upon most a sense of false achievement and superiority which widens the chasm between members of society.

Why is it important for girls to go to school?

“The coalition believes that the best way of dealing with girls’ dropping out of school is to prevent pregnancies, but also that when a girl gets pregnant, the education system should adequately assist her to rejoin and complete her education,” the statement reads in part.

Is the mode of education good or bad?

They may have gathered their knowledge from experience for which there is no substitute. Hence, unless the mode of education is wholesome and nurtures all aspects of an individual’s personality, it may not be as advantageous as expected.