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Should I take tamoxifen in AM or PM?

Should I take tamoxifen in AM or PM?

Tamoxifen exposure seemed to be highest after administration at midnight. In humans, marginal differences were observed in pharmacokinetic parameters between morning and evening administration.

When do you take tamoxifen?

Tamoxifen is usually taken once or twice a day with or without food. Take tamoxifen at around the same time(s) every day. Follow the directions on your prescription label carefully, and ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain anything you do not understand. Take tamoxifen exactly as directed.

When is the best time to take tamoxifen citrate?

You may take tamoxifen at whatever time of day you find easiest to remember, but try to take your doses at the same time each day. This will help you avoid missing any doses. You can take tamoxifen before, during or after meals. If you forget to take a dose, take it as soon as you remember.

Does tamoxifen make u tired?

When you start to take tamoxifen, you may feel tired, drowsy, or feel like you have no energy. Try to pace yourself until this improves. It is important to strike the correct balance between getting enough rest and staying physically active. Taking short walks regularly will help you feel less tired.

How do you lose weight while on tamoxifen?

Ways that a woman can live well and avoid weight gain or promote weight loss when undergoing breast cancer treatments include:

  1. Diet: Eating a healthful diet with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, or lean meats.
  2. Exercise: Engaging in exercise whenever possible.

What not eat or drink when taking tamoxifen?

The foods of most concern for women taking tamoxifen are grapefruit and tangerines. Grapefruit is well-known to interfere with numerous medications. Many drug-interaction resources specifically advise that women taking tamoxifen avoid grapefruit.

Does tamoxifen make you tired?

Does tamoxifen put on weight?

Even with all that fanfare, tamoxifen has been loosely associated with weight gain. Studies have tracked weight gain and other side effects of the drug for years. Some resources even list weight gain as a possible side effect.

Can you drink alcohol while taking tamoxifen?

Alcohol can raise the risk of side effects with tamoxifen, some of which can be serious. Alcohol makes it harder for tamoxifen to work properly and should be limited or avoided while you’re taking this medication. Alcohol can raise your risk of developing breast cancer.

Can you drink coffee with tamoxifen?

There’s no harm in women being treated with tamoxifen for breast cancer drinking coffee in moderation. However, drinking excessive amounts can cause irritability, insomnia and indigestion.

Can you drink coffee while taking tamoxifen?

What should I know before taking tamoxifen?

a history of stroke or blood clot;

  • liver disease;
  • high cholesterol or triglycerides (a type of fat in the blood);
  • a history of cataracts; or
  • if you are receiving chemotherapy or radiation.
  • Should I take tamoxifen longer than five years?

    Women who have not reached menopause (and whose ovaries are still producing estrogen) have been advised to take tamoxifen for a full five years. A new study (probably the one you read about) has found that taking tamoxifen longer than five years can further reduce deaths from the disease.

    How long before surgery should I Stop Taking tamoxifen?

    Surgery/immobility stop tamoxifen therapy at least 6 weeks before surgery or long-term immobility and recommence only when the patient is fully mobile. all patients should receive appropriate thrombosis prophylactic measures. Occurence of VTE stop tamoxifen immediately and initate appropriate anti-thrombotic measures.

    Is it safe to take tamoxifen every other day?

    “So the women with this disease can benefit from low-dose tamoxifen – either 10 mg every other day or by cutting the tablets in half, for a dose of 5 mg a day. The most important implication is among the women who are healthy but who may be at risk for breast cancer, [that they] may benefit from a lower dose of tamoxifen.”