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Is Romeo immature and impulsive?

Is Romeo immature and impulsive?

Romeo and Juliet are both immature, as shown by their interpretation of their love. They believe that their first love is who they are meant to be with, and the fall in love far too quickly, in Act 1 Scene 4. Romeo and Juliet are immature and impulsive, which leads to hasty decisions, and eventually their deaths.

How is Romeo impulsive throughout the play?

He’s impulsive in his decision to jump the Capulets’ wall to avoid his friends, which puts him in his enemy’s garden just under Juliet’s balcony. This impulsive act leads to their declarations of love and pledge to marry, an impulsive thing to do on the eve of meeting someone.

How is Romeo reacting to his situation?

Romeo reacts poorly to the news of his banishment. He tells Friar Laurence that exile holds more terror for him than death. In other words, he would rather face death than be banished from Verona. Meanwhile, Friar Laurence advises Romeo to bear his trial with courage.

How does Romeo being impulsive affect the end of the play?

His impulsive behavior is the equivalent of him running too fast, and his death at the end of the play is, of course, the extreme equivalent of him stumbling because he is running too fast. Later in the play, in act 2, scene 6, Friar Laurence again warns Romeo about acting too impulsively.

How is Romeo emotional?

At almost every turn Romeo proves to be ill suited to handle the responsibility of love and marriage. He is impatient, prone to depression and willing to act on his slightest urge. Even though he is older he never acts with same level of courage and maturity which Juliet displays throughout the play.

How is Romeo presented as passionate?

As the play progresses, Romeo illustrates how passionate he is by avenging his best friend Mercutio’s, death. Romeo is passionate when he meets Juliet for the first time. At the Capulet party, he declares his love for Juliet as she is so beautiful and promises they will get married in the morning.

Is Romeo more mature than Juliet?

1) Juliet is, easily. Besides the well known fact that girls mature more quickly than boys (They hit puberty earlier, by about 2 years), Juliet outstrips Romeo in Heroism and maturity on many levels.

How is Romeo naive?

Both Romeo and Juliet demonstrate a lack of experience and judgment in their personalities. First of all, Romeo is very naïve to think that because he is love-struck he can simply approach Juliet at the celebration held at the Capulet home. Impulsively, he walks over to Juliet after becoming infatuated at…

What does Romeo attempt and why?

Romeo responds that death is preferable to banishment from Juliet. When the Nurse enters and tells Romeo that Juliet is grief-stricken, Romeo attempts suicide.

Why is Romeo so upset about being banished What does he want to do?

Why is Romeo so upset at being banished? He believes being banished from Verona is being banished from his world, which is like being banished from life, which is death. What does Friar Laurence think of Romeos punishment? He believes the Prince is being merciful.