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Is Liederkranz cheese still available?

Is Liederkranz cheese still available?

Liederkranz was last manufactured in Ohio, but disappeared from the market in 1985, no doubt losing its dwindling market share to its cousin, Limburger.

Who makes Liederkranz cheese?

DCI Cheese Company
In 2010, the cheese was reintroduced by DCI Cheese Company of Richfield, Washington County, Wisconsin, which had acquired the trademark and the cultures (whose survival had been doubted during Liederkranz’s long absence from the market).

Where is Liederkranz cheese made?

Liederkranz is essentially an American version of Limburger cheese created in 1891 by Emil Frey, a Swiss cheesemaker, in Monroe, New York.

Who makes Limburger cheese in the US?

Chalet Cheese Cooperative
The only factory in the nation that makes Limburger is Chalet Cheese Cooperative, which opened in 1855 near Monroe in cheese-centric Green County and is roughly 15 miles from the farm where Olson was raised.

Where is Wisconsin Cheese Company?

Oregon, Wisconsin
Wisconsin Cheese Company is located in Oregon, Wisconsin.

Where is Limburger cheese made in the United States?

Monroe, Wisconsin
Only one factory in the USA, located in Monroe, Wisconsin, produces Limburger domestically. Limburger is a pungent smelling, surface-ripened cheese that pairs well with hearty rye breads and even a slice of onion.

Do they still make Limburger cheese?

Today the only American producer of Limburger is Chalet Cheese Cooperative of Monroe, Wisconsin: the seat of Green County. Of the dozens of Master Cheesemakers in Wisconsin, only Chalet’s Myron Olson is certified to make Limburger.

What brand cheese comes from Wisconsin?

4 Picks For Wisconsin’s Best Cheeses

  • Marieke Gouda.
  • Uplands Cheese Company Pleasant Ridge Reserve.
  • Bleu Mont Dairy Bandaged Cheddar.
  • Uplands Cheese Company Rush Creek Reserve.

What brand of cheese is made in Wisconsin?

Meet Wisconsin’s Proudest. Pioneers, Explorers. & Dreamers Arla Foods, Inc. Bel Brands U.S.A. BelGioioso Cheese, Inc. Cascade Cheese Co.

Where do they make Limburger cheese in Wisconsin?

Today, a single cheese plant in Monroe, Wisconsin, produces all the surface-ripened Limburger made in the United States. Description: A semi-soft cheese with origins from Belgium. Only one factory in the USA, located in Monroe, Wisconsin, produces Limburger domestically.

Where is Limburger cheese made in the USA?

Where can you find Liederkranz cheese in Wisconsin?

Liederkranz eventually left New York and found a home in Wisconsin, where we love all things cheese! Today, Wisconsin is the only place you’ll find Liederkranz, or limburger for that matter. It’s just one more example of how Wisconsin cheesemakers are doing their part to bring cheeses of every type and every smell to the world.

Where did the origin of Liederkranz come from?

If you love limburger, or if you’re curious about strong-smelling, washed-rind cheeses, you owe yourself a slice of Liederkranz. An American cousin to German limburger, Liederkranz was born in upstate New York in the late 1800s.

What kind of bacteria is in Liederkranz cheese?

Liederkranz® is smeared with bacteria called Brevibacterium linens and the rind is washed repeatedly as the cheese ages to encourage its growth. The bacteria helps the cheese to ripen and develop its complex flavor, and it also is the source of the cheese’s unique aroma.

What kind of cheese is made in Wisconsin?

It would be easy to think that Wisconsin has a thing for stinky cheese. After all, we’re the only state still producing Liederkranz® and limburger, along with other Wisconsin originals like brick cheese, known as the “married man’s limburger.” And we love us some blue cheese and gorgonzola – not as stinky as some, but still decidedly aromatic.