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Is Dallas Campbell married?

Is Dallas Campbell married?

Victoria Goodallm. 1999
Dallas Campbell/Spouse

How old is Dallas Campbell?

51 years (September 17, 1970)
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Is Dallas Campbell a scientist?

Dallas is an Honorary Fellow of the British Science Association and regularly judges their annual Young Scientist & Engineer of the Year awards. In 2014 he gave the Stoneley Lecture for the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain.

Where does Dallas Campbell live?

He lives in London and has two children. Supersized Earth, Horizon Guide. Bang Goes The Theory, Horizon Guides, Stargazing Live, Honorary fellow of the British Science Association, Sir Arthur Clarke award winner, author.

What kind of TV shows Does Dallas Campbell do?

Dallas Campbell is a well known British television presenter, whose work includes BBC One’s Supersized Earth, Bang Goes The Theory, ( BBC America 2013) Egypt’s Lost Cities, BBC Four’s Horizon Guides, The Drake Equation: The Search for Life.

Where did David Campbell Live as a child?

Born in Adelaide, South Australia, the son of rock star Jimmy Barnes; David Campbell was performing at the Sydney Theatre Company and Sydney Opera House by the age of 20. He followed this by travelling to New York to perform his own cabaret show, which Time Out described as “creating the biggest buzz since Barbra Streisand”.

Where did Dallas Campbell go to school at?

Born in Kilmacolm, Scotland, he attended schools in Darras Hall and Ponteland, Northumberland, continuing his education at Glenalmond College in Perthshire, Scotland. From 1989 to 1992 he studied Drama and English at the University of Northampton .

When did Dallas Campbell appear on Celebrity Mastermind?

He has appeared on BBC Radio 4 ‘s comedy science show Infinite Monkey Cage, with Robin Ince and Brian Cox, Loose Ends with Clive Anderson, and Shaun Keavney’s Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 6 Music . On 2 January 2015, Campbell appeared on and won Celebrity Mastermind, with filmmaker Werner Herzog as his specialist subject.