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Is boxed water healthier than plastic?

Is boxed water healthier than plastic?

When comparing plastic bottles with boxed water, the study finds that boxed water has a 36% lower carbon footprint, uses 43% less fossil fuel, and has a 95% lower impact on the ozone. Keep in mind that not all cartons are created equal.

How many Oz is a box of water?

16.9 Fluid
Boxed Water is 100% purified water in a 92% plant-based package, a renewable and recyclable resource that is better for the earth than plastic or aluminum….

Net Content Volume 16.9 Fluid Ounces

What is boxed water?

Boxed Water is 92% renewable Our box is made from paperboard and paper waste – a paper product. But it isn’t made from just regular paper. The paper in our boxes comes from sustainable forests, which not only offsets our carbon footprint, but it also ensures that the harvested trees are continually recycled.

Is Boxed Water reusable?

Boxed Water is 100% BPA free. This carton can be refilled and reused using clean drinking water. Make sure to clean it frequently.

Why is boxed water bad?

The first big issue is that the cartons used in box water are not the same as those used for milk, but instead are a form of composite material manufactured by a company called Tetra Pak. Tetra Pak containers, though they appear as if they are made out of cardboard, are not fully biodegradable.

Does boxed water actually plant trees?

Boxed Water has worked with the National Forest Foundation since 2015. We plant 2 trees for each social media post with #BetterPlanet. 2 trees over their lifetime will remove 1 ton of CO2. 1 Million acres are in need of reforestation.

What is the size of boxed water?

The standard size of Boxed Water 500ml. 16.9 ounces of purified water, filled in boxes made from paper, a renewable resource. Boxed Water illustrates the simple way we can all improve our planet, health and quality of life.

Why is box water expensive?

According to the Water Footprint Calculator, it takes at least two liters of water during production to make one liter of bottled water. Worse, not all of the water inside the bottle is even consumed, which is a huge waste of all of the resources. But, this expense and waste has an easy fix.

Why is Box water so expensive?

Who owns Boxed Water Is Better?

Benjamin Gott
Benjamin Gott founded Boxed Water Is Better (Boxed Water for short) in 2009, with the hope of helping the planet in more ways than one.

Who created Boxed Water Is Better?

Boxed Water Is Better/Founders
Founder Benjamin Gott had the simple idea for a new type of packaged water. The mission was to fulfill the need for packaged water in a more environmentally-friendly way that allows us to give back.