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Is a secondary air injection pump necessary?

Is a secondary air injection pump necessary?

The secondary air injection pump (also referred to as a smog pump or SAI pump) is responsible for lowering the number of carbon emissions that come out of the tailpipe of a vehicle. This is necessary since a vehicle engine is never 100% efficient in the combustion process.

Can a bad secondary air pump cause a misfire?

A faulty MAF sensor will cause your secondary air pump not to switch on. this can cause a rich condition, which can cause misfires, etc…

What does deleting the secondary air pump do?

Yes, the removal of the secondary air pump is possible. The benefits are: reduce weight, clean up your engine bay and to simplify troubleshooting by removing a system. Another necessity is the reprogramming of the ECU, which accounts for the removal of the SAP system in order to not throw any fault codes.

Can a secondary air pump cause a misfire?

Why do we need to remove secondary air injection system?

About 50% of my motivation is the fact that the SAIS system is ignorant. I have no problem with helping the environment, but replacing parts of a crappily built, unnecessary system every year just isn’t going to happen. The other 50% is the fact that this allows me to justify a tune to the wife.

What to do if your hp air pump is blocked off?

No sense wasting juice having the computer try to run that pump and solenoid if they’re dead and/or blocked off. For anyone who has access to HPTuners or similar, find code P0410, uncheck the SES indicator, and change the mode to “No error reported”. I’ve had mine changed and the fuses pulled for the past several weeks.

Where do I repair my Chevy fuel pump?

To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. Hey there viewers! My name is Eric O. and I own and operate a small town 3 bay shop in upstate NY. I grew up in the automotive industry (in my parents shop) and have over 17 years (working full time as a mechanic) experience repairing domestic and Asian cars and light trucks.