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Is a 2010 Chevy Malibu good on gas?

Is a 2010 Chevy Malibu good on gas?

When the 2010 Chevrolet Malibu was new, auto critics liked its attractive styling and well-balanced ride and handling. The base four-cylinder Malibu gets 22/30 mpg city/highway, which is about average for the class.

How much mpg does a Chevy Malibu 2010 GET?

2010 Chevrolet Malibu

EPA MPG Owner MPG Estimates
2010 Chevrolet Malibu 6 cyl, 3.5 L, Automatic 4-spd
Regular Gasoline View Estimates How can I share my MPG?
26 combined city/highway MPG 22 city 33 highway 3.8 gals/ 100 miles
2010 Chevrolet Malibu 6 cyl, 3.6 L, Automatic (S6)

Do Chevy Malibus have problems?

According to the NHTSA, more than half of the complaints about the 2018 Malibu pertained to the engine and fuel systems. Problems range from simple gas cap errors to severe coolant and engine oil leaks from various gaskets and lines.

Is a 2010 Chevy Malibu a reliable car?

Review of 2010 Chevrolet Malibu Car is comfortable to ride, sporty with plenty of trunk space and about 24MPG in mixed driving with a 4 cylinder ECOTEC engine. Car was extremely reliable for the first 83,000 miles when for no reason the transmission needed to be replaced at a $4,500 cost.

What’s the book value on a 2010 Chevy Malibu?

Used 2010 Chevrolet Malibu Pricing Malibu’s roughly $22,500 Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Value (MSRP) is nearly the same as its Fair Purchase Price, about equal to that of a comparably equipped Camry and Honda Accord with four-cylinder engine and automatic.

What are common problems with Malibu?

Top Chevrolet Malibu Problems

  • Problems With Electric Power Steering System May Require Steering Column Replacement.
  • No Start Due to Failed Passlock Sensor.
  • The Fuel Gauge May Not Read Correctly and/or Check Engine Light With Code P0455/P0461.
  • “No Start” Due to Ignition Switch Failure.

Why are Chevy Malibus so cheap?

Often, people will assume that the sticker price of a vehicle determines its affordability. Finally, the cost of fuel isn’t too bad, either. Most recent Chevy Malibus are powered by a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine that gets about 32 MPG combined, which makes it a lot more affordable than an SUV or a truck.

What engines came in a 2010 Chevy Malibu?

The 2010 Chevy Malibu come with either an Ecotec, 2.4L 4-cylinder engine making 169 horsepower, or a 3.6L V6 engine putting out 252 horsepower. There is a 3.5L V6 engine available, but it is only found used for Chevrolet’s Fleet buyers (think Avis or Budget), and is generally not sold to the average consumer.

Is a 2010 Chevy Malibu LS a reliable car?

Dependable, durable and a good car to drive Our 2010 Malibu LS has been a very dependable, low maintenance car. We have 88,000 miles on it and the only major repair was a mass intake that was covered by our extended warranty.

Do Chevy Malibus have a lot of problems?

How long do Chevy Malibu engines last?

Here is the short answer to how long the Chevrolet Malibu lasts: Chevrolet Malibus are known to last between 150,000 to 200,000 miles. Barring any unforeseen problems, your Chevrolet Malibu should be on the road for up to 13 years or more with proper maintenance if you drive an average of 15,000 miles per year.

What problems do Chevy Malibu have?

What kind of horsepower does a Chevy Malibu have?

One plus: The split, folding rear seat has a durable plastic backing, making the Chevrolet Malibu one of the better sedans for transporting carpet-snagging cargo. The base 2.4-liter four-cylinder makes 169 horsepower, but the Chevrolet Malibu is a heavy car — 100 to 300 pounds heavier than most competitors — so acceleration is leisurely.

What kind of car is the 2010 Malibu?

The 2010 Chevrolet Malibu is a five-passenger, four-door sedan available in four trim levels: LS, 1LT, 2LT and LTZ.

What kind of rating does a Chevy Malibu get?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded the Malibu its highest rating of “Good” for its performance in the frontal-offset and side crash tests. Striking an excellent balance between handling and ride, the 2010 Chevy Malibu’s chassis provides confident cornering along with a smooth ride on broken pavement.

What are the changes to the Chevy Malibu?

For 2010, the Chevy Malibu gets minor changes. Most notably, the six-speed automatic transmission is now standard on all but the base LS model, thereby helping to improve fuel economy. There’s also standard driver power-adjustable lumbar on all models and E85 fuel compatibility for the 2.4-liter engine.