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How old was Andrew Clement when he wrote his book?

How old was Andrew Clement when he wrote his book?

At first he tried to write a picture book, but after publishers rejected it, he turned it into “Frindle” (1996), his debut novel for 8- to 12-year-olds. “Frindle” tells the story of Nicholas, a mischievous boy who bedevils his fifth-grade teacher by persuading all his classmates to refer to a pen as a frindle.

What made Andrew Clements become an author?

Then we moved to Springfield, Illinois. My parents were avid readers and they gave that love of books and reading to me and to all my brothers and sisters. I didn’t think about being a writer at all back then, but I did love to read. I’m certain there’s a link between reading good books and becoming a writer.

What does Andrew Clements do for a living?

Book editorChildren’s book author
Andrew Clements/Professions

Who inspired Andrew Clements to write?

This book was inspired by a sixth grade boy who was in my room when I was a student teacher. He made his own newspaper each week by hand, and put it on the bulletin board each Friday. I looked him up about a year ago and sent him a copy of the book. He’s now 42 years old!

What made Andrew Clements like writing?

He likes to write in a shed behind his house where there are no distractions. He says he writes his books “one word at a time”. Clements has a Master of Art in teaching. He taught creative writing to high school students at a summer workshop.

When was the book Frindle by Andrew Clements published?

Frindle The Children’s Literature Association named Frindle the best English-language children’s book published in 1996 that did not win a major contemporary book award, thus making it the winner of the Phoenix Award for 2016.

When did Tom Clements write his first book?

He worked for several publishing companies where he published, acquired, edited, marketed, and developed quality children’s books. In 1985, Clements added his own work to the market with a picture book entitled Bird Delbert. His first novel was the award-winning Frindle, which has won sixteen state book awards, as well as the Christopher Award .

Who is Andrew Clements and what is he known for?

Andrew Clements (born May 29, 1949) is an American writer of many children’s books.

When was the Landry News by Andrew Clements published?

Clements’ second book The Landry News, published in 1998 is about a fifth grade girl Cara Landry, who is having quite a rough time in school after her parents’ divorce but the worse is still to come in school, with the new teacher Mr. Larson.