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How old is Scipio Massimo in the Thief Lord?

How old is Scipio Massimo in the Thief Lord?

Homeless, they stay at the Star Palace, an abandoned movie theater, with Riccio, a boy about Prosper’s age, and Mosca, a strong boy of African descent. Thirteen-year-old Scipio Massimo, “the Thief Lord,” takes care of the group at the Star Palace, wears a mask, and pretends to be an orphan too.

Where do Hornet and Scipio go in the Thief Lord?

The next night, all of the children go for the deal except Hornet and Bo. They join Ida and Scipio, meet with the Conte and his sister, Morosina, and make the exchange. They follow the Conte through a maze of islands to one in particular called Isola Segretta. They watch the pair unload the wing and go inside.

Why does Scipio break the carousel in the Thief Lord?

Scipio takes a ride to become older because he hates being told what to do by his wealthy father. Without warning, Barbarossa arrives and wants to see the Conte’s treasure. They trick him into taking a ride, and he breaks the carousel after he is turned into a small child. All of the age changes are now permanent.

Who are the characters in the Thief Lord?

Plot summary. The Thief Lord follows the story of brothers, Prosper (Prop) and Boniface (Bo), who run away to Venice, Italy. They are taken in by a group of street children who live in an abandoned movie theater, the Stella, and are led by a proud orphan named Scipio.

Scipio Massimo: (pronounced ship-ee-oh) The Thief Lord. Bo alone is allowed to call him ‘Scip’ (although on one occasion Prosper is allowed to). He is thirteen, has dark brown eyes and raven black hair. He also wears a mask that he found. He is the son of Dottor Massimo (what the other children first don’t know).

Where does Victor find Bo in the Thief Lord?

Victor finds Bo at the Stella and takes him back to Ida’s, where they find Prosper missing. On the island the next morning, Scipio and Prosper meet the Conte and Morosina, who are both young children. They tell him that the magical merry go-round worked.