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How old is Jeff Pringle?

How old is Jeff Pringle?


Jeff Pringle
Age: 51
Occupation: School Teacher
Residence: Greendale
Hair colour: Blonde

Who are charlies parents in postman pat?

Charlie Pringle
Age: 9
Residence: Greendale
Hair colour: Red
Family: Jeff Pringle (Father)

Who is the teacher in Postman Pat?

Lauren Taylor
Lauren Taylor is a teacher at Greendale Primary School. She is the wife of Ben Taylor and mother of Lizzy Taylor….

Lauren Taylor
Occupation: Teacher (Greendale Primary School)
Residence: Pencaster
Hair colour: Blonde
Family: Ben Taylor (husband) Lizzy Taylor (daughter)

What’s Postman Pat’s wife called?

Sara Clifton

Sara Clifton
Occupation: Station Cafe Worker (Greendale Railway Station)
Residence: Greendale
Hair colour: Brown
Family: Pat Clifton (husband) Julian Clifton (son)

Who is the old lady in Postman Pat?

Granny Dryden
Granny Dryden was an old lady who lived in a cottage in the countryside outside of Greendale….

Granny Dryden
Hair colour: White

Who is Postman Pat’s best friend?

Sam Waldron
Biographical Background Sam Waldron is a mobile shop owner, and a close friend of Pat.

What’s Postman Pat’s real name?

Patrick Clifton
Plot. Each episode follows the adventures of Patrick Clifton, a friendly country postman, and his “black and white cat” Jess, as he delivers the post through the valley of Greendale.

Is Jess from Postman Pat a girl?

Characters. Jess – the protagonist and host of the series. He is a young, curious black and white cat with green eyes, from the CBeebies series Postman Pat. He was voiced by Charlie George.

What breed is Jess the cat?

Tuxedo Bicolour Cat
Jess is Postman Pat’s cat who always comes with him on his post rounds….

Breed: Tuxedo Bicolour Cat
Owners: Pat Clifton and Sara Clifton

How old is Postmanpat?

Postman Pat is 30! It’s Postman Pat’s 30th birthday today! It seems he’s been around as long as the dales, but it was early in the morning (just as day was dawning) on this day in 1981 that he first set off in his little red van.

Is Jess off Postman Pat a boy?