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How much does Sitka spruce cost?

How much does Sitka spruce cost?

A top-grade soundboard will cost from $35 to $50. But the price of construction grade Sitka spruce approaches that of pine. Specially sawn, vertical grain lumber may cost $3 a board foot.

Why is Sitka spruce so special?

Sitka spruce is valued for its wood, which is light, soft, and relatively strong and flexible. It is used for general construction, ship building and plywood. The wood has excellent acoustic properties and is used to make sounding boards in pianos and other musical instruments such as violins and guitars.

Is Sitka spruce fast growing?

Sitka is fast-growing, even in poor soils and on exposed ground, making it perfect for the Scottish climate. In fact, it’s so fast-growing – young trees can grow as much as 1.5m in a year – it can be tricky to estimate a sitka tree’s age just by looking at it.

Is Sitka spruce rare?

Some rare specimens reach 100 m high – 90% of the rainforest of the island has been exploited and the beautiful trees are exceptional – Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park – Vancouver Island – British Columbia – Canada.

Is Sitka spruce a hardwood or softwood?

Sitka Spruce | The Wood Database – Lumber Identification (Softwood)

What animals eat Sitka spruce?

The Sitka Spruce is the state tree of Alaska and it gets its name from an island there, formerly known as Sitka Island. It is enjoyed by wildlife such as deer, porcupines, elk, bear, and rabbits who will eat the twigs, and seeds.

How long do Sitka spruce live?

800 years
After slowly initially becoming established, Sitka spruce are among the world’s fastest growing trees. They are long-lived – up to 800 years – and, as such, were a “pioneer” of the Pacific Northwest coastline, colonizing glacial moraines centuries ago when glaciers retreated.

What animal eats the Sitka spruce?

Why is Sitka spruce bad?

Sitka spruce plantations, hectare upon hectare of them, now cover what was once nature-rich farmland. Dense blocks of these non-native coniferous trees smother the landscape, driving out wonderful and endangered wildlife such as hen harriers and curlews, birds that could be extinct in Ireland within the decade.

Is Adirondack spruce better than Sitka spruce?

It is the king of spruces. For the most part, Adirondack spruce can be found on select high-end instruments. It’s a relatively heavy and stiff wood, having strong fundamentals, but a greater overtone content than Sitka, and it tends to be the loudest and liveliest of spruces as well.

Is Sitka spruce endangered?

It is one of the largest coniferous trees, it is the third-tallest conifer species, and is the largest spruce species. In summary, it’s a big tree. Unlike the giant sequoia, the Sitka spruce is not endangered. It’s not even threatened.

Does Sitka spruce darken?

Yes, it’s sitka spruce. As mentioned, it’ll darken with age. However, that is one nice piece of sitka you have there.