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How many times have Aston Villa beat Birmingham City?

How many times have Aston Villa beat Birmingham City?

Statistics and records As of the end of the 2010–11 season, there have been 120 meetings in major competition between the two teams since the first FA Cup meeting in 1887, of which Aston Villa have won 52 and Birmingham City 38.

How many goals have Birmingham City scored?

Birmingham City are currently in 16th position in the 2021/22 English Football League – Championship, with 12 points from 11 matches played. They have won 3 matches, drawn 3, and lost 5. They have scored 10 goals (16.9 Expected Goals (xG)) and conceded 15 goals (12.1 Expected Goals against (xGA)).

Who is Aston Villa’s biggest rival?

West Bromwich Albion
Aston Villa’s arch-rivals are Birmingham City, with games between the two clubs known as the Second City Derby. Historically though, West Bromwich Albion have arguably been Villa’s greatest rivals, a view highlighted in a fan survey, conducted in 2003.

How many goals have Aston Villa scored?

They have scored 12 goals (9.7 Expected Goals (xG)) and conceded 12 goals (11.3 Expected Goals against (xGA)). The top scorer for Aston Villa in the 2021/22 English Premier League is Danny Ings with 3 goals (2.08 xG). Aston Villa have also played this season in the English League Cup.

How far is Aston Villa from Birmingham?

approximately 2.2 miles
Home to Aston Villa, Villa Park welcomes up to 42,000 fans on a match day. The stadium is approximately 2.2 miles from Birmingham city centre and is easily accessible from all major road routes and motorway networks.

Who is Birmingham City’s rivals?

Birmingham fans consider their main rivals to be Aston Villa, their nearest neighbours geographically, with whom they contest the Second City derby. Lesser rivalries include fellow West Midlands clubs Wolverhampton Wanderers and West Bromwich Albion.

What have Birmingham City won?

2x Football League Trophy Winner

Season Title
62/63 English League Cup winner
60/61 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup runner-up
59/60 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup runner-up
55/56 FA Cup Runner up

Who scored the most goals for Aston Villa?

Premier League + 1. Division » All-time Topscorers » Aston Villa » rank 1 – 50

# Player goals
1 Johnny Dixon 132
2 Dai Astley 83
3 Peter McParland 75
4 Peter Withe 74

How many clean sheets do Aston Villa have this season?

Premier League 2020-21 Clean Sheets Kept by Clubs

1 Manchester City 19
2 Chelsea 17
3 Aston Villa 15
4 Arsenal 12
5 Brighton and Hove Albion 12

Why are they called Aston Villa?

The name Villa derives from Villa Cross Wesleyan Chapel, whose former cricket club as we have mentioned above provided the founders of the Aston Villa Football Club. An actual villa once stood in the area and was large enough a landmark to have the district named after it.

How many goals have Aston Villa scored in a match?

Aston Villa’s total goals per match is 2.48, while Over 2.5 percentage is 48. This means that 13 of the 27 matches Aston Villa has played has ended in Over 2.5. Over / Under Goals are calculated from total match goals for fixtures that Aston Villa has participated in.

When was the first time Birmingham City played Aston Villa?

The clubs first met on 27 September 1879, when Birmingham City were called Small Heath Alliance. The game, on a pitch at Small Heath’s Muntz Street ground described by the Villa players as “only suitable for pot-holing”, finished 1–0 – recorded as “one goal and a disputed goal to nil” – to the home side.

What is Aston Villa’s home form this season?

Aston Villa’s home form is average with the following results : 7 wins, 4 draws, and 8 losses. And their away form is considered average, as a result of 9 wins, 3 draws, and 7 losses. Aston Villa has scored a total of 55 goals this season in Premier League.

Where does Aston Villa play Second City Derby?

Villa play at Villa Park while Birmingham play at St Andrew’s, the two grounds separated by roughly 2.4 miles (3.9 km). It is known as the Second City Derby based on Birmingham being referred to as the second city of the United Kingdom. The two clubs are generally regarded as each other’s most fierce rivals.