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How long is Brothers Karamazov?

How long is Brothers Karamazov?

776 pages
The sheer length of the novel (my editions was 776 pages) in conjunction with the density of its text makes it the hardest book I’ve ever read, for sure — and I’m not sure exactly how I feel about this.

Where should I start with Dostoevsky?

The Best Books by Fyodor Dostoyevsky You Should Read

  • Crime and Punishment (1866) The best way to get acquainted with Dostoyevsky is by reading Crime and Punishment.
  • The Idiot (1868)
  • Poor Folk (1846)
  • Demons (1871)
  • The Gambler (1866)
  • The Insulted and Humiliated (1861)
  • The Brothers Karamazov (1879)

How old is Karamazov?

Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov Is a 55-year-old sponger and buffoon who had sired 3 sons during the course of his two marriages. He is also rumored to have fathered a fourth, illegitimate son, Pavel Smerdyakov (see proper section) whom he employed as his servant.

Is Brothers Karamazov worth reading?

The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky is a classic, or so I’ve heard. It’s one of those books so great and so worth reading that no one you talk to has actually read it. A 700-page novel is something of a commitment, but I approached this one with an open mind and a daily subway commute.

Does Dmitri Karamazov escape?

Though Dmitri longs to be redeemed by suffering, and has, in a sense, accepted the idea of his punishment, he agrees to the escape plan so that he will be able to remain with Grushenka. He will have to flee to America, but he says he will not spend his entire life away from Russia.

What happens to Ivan at the end of Brothers Karamazov?

Ivan’s subsequent collapse into hallucination and madness represents the novel’s final rejection of his skeptical way of life. When the novel ends, Ivan is feverish and unconscious, having been taken home by Katerina to recuperate, and his future is uncertain.

Which Tolstoy book to read first?

You should read not one book but books: Anna Karenina and War and Peace. Both novels are among the best works of literature in the history. If War and Peace too long for you, read just Anna Karenina.

What’s so good about Dostoevsky?

Dostoyevsky is usually regarded as one of the finest novelists who ever lived. Literary modernism, existentialism, and various schools of psychology, theology, and literary criticism have been profoundly shaped by his ideas.

How does Karamazov end?

The death of the child is central to Dostoevsky and The Brothers Karamazov and, as such, it seems almost natural for the book to end with the death of a child and with a speech which orders that this death of this child not be forgotten, but rather be cherished as a sort of talisman against future wrong-doing.

What is so special about Brothers Karamazov?

His characters and their wretched motives are outlined so well (except for the hero Alyosha, who’s a big milquetoast, but you don’t read Dostoyevsky for the heroes). In summary, it’s incredibly psychological, chilling, and thrilling.

What happens to Alyosha at the end of Brothers Karamazov?

In the meantime, little Ilusha has died, and Alyosha leaves Dmitri to go to the young boy’s funeral. The boys are deeply affected by Alyosha’s sincerity and all cheer, “Hurrah for Karamazov.” In a sense, the epilogue conforms to the nineteenth-century custom of tidying up the end of a novel.

What does Dostoevsky say about evil?

a. “If God is perfectly loving, he must wish to abolish evil; and if he is all-powerful, he must be able to abolish evil. But Evil exists; therefore God cannot be both omnipotent and perfectly loving.”

What was the problem in the Brothers Karamazov?

It is through Ivan’s representation of Soloviev in The Brothers Karamazov that Dostoevsky unearths the grave implications and outcomes of totalitarian politics… Fyodor Dostoevsky’s final novel, The Brothers Karamazov, has rightly earned its place among the greatest books of all time.

When did Dostoevsky start writing the Brothers Karamazov?

Although Dostoevsky began his first notes for The Brothers Karamazov in April 1878, he had written several unfinished works years earlier. He would incorporate some elements into his future work, particularly from the planned epos The Life of a Great Sinner, which he began work on in the summer of 1869.

Who is the older brother of Zosima in the Brothers Karamazov?

The older brother of Zosima. He was eight years older than his brother, who was called Zinovy in childhood. As a boy, Markel was “hot-tempered and irritable by nature, but kind, not given to… read analysis of Markel

Who is Fyodor in the Brothers Karamazov?

Fyodor is a greedy landowner, a bawdy lecher, and a neglectful father. Hence, the Karamazov brothers end up growing into young men under the care of various other people. But they all have returned home to visit their father, and it is the first time they all have been together for quite some time.