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How long does a telex release take?

How long does a telex release take?

one and a half days
It would therefore take a minimum of one and a half days to reach the customer’s hand. There is no way that company B can get the clearance process going before getting all the documents on hand.

What is telex document?

A Telex release is the industry term for the release of cargo at one port when the original bill of lading has been surrendered at another. The shipper, or a forwarder, or an NVOCC may choose (for one reason or another) to surrender the bills of lading to the carrier’s agent in a port other than the discharge port.

What is the difference between telex release and bill of lading?

An original Bill of Lading is a paper bill of lading issued to a customer whereas a Telex Release is an electronic release issued in return for the surrender of an original Bill of Lading.

What is telex in shipping?

A Telex Release can be defined as a message that is sent by an agent or shipping line from the origin to the office at the customs destination. It can also be sent from an agent to signify that the shipper has already surrendered the OBL (Original Bill of Lading) issued to them.

How much does a telex release cost?

There are additional costs for a Telex Release Bill of Lading. In an FCL shipment (Full Container Load), additional Telex Release fee costs around USD 35 to USD 65, depending on the country and the ocean carrier. In an LCL shipment (Lesser Container Load), additional Telex Release Fee costs around USD 15 to USD 30.

Why is BL surrendered?

Why is Surrender BL important? When the importer has completed the payment of the goods, the exporter gives up his rights over the sent goods and cannot reclaim the ownership. Surrender BL is necessary for the transfer of ownership of goods.

Who does the telex release?

The telex release will instruct the agent at the discharge port to release the cargo to the specified consignee on the bill of lading or another party authorized by the shipper. The telex release must be worded carefully so that both parties understand the instructions and fulfill them correctly.

Who can issue seaway bill?

ocean carrier
A seaway bill is a receipt of goods issued by the ocean carrier to the customer (also called the consignor or shipper). It is a contract by which the ocean carrier undertakes to transport the customer’s cargo in its vessel or vessels, from one point to the other.

Who is responsible for telex release?

This process is generally quite time-consuming and often results in additional charges for freight storage. The carrier sends the telex release when the original bill of lading is located or when a letter of indemnity from the shipper is provided.

How do I surrender bl?

After receiving cargo by carrier, bill of lading is released after collecting necessary charges if any from shipper. If the shipper wants to surrender original bill of lading, he can submit all originals with a request letter to the carrier of goods with necessary OBL surrender charges if any.

How to send an e-mail telex message?

By using a standard e-mail account provided by a local Internet service provider. You can prepare a telex message in the same way as a normal email. In the To: box insert our service address [email protected]

What kind of conversation can you have with Telex?

The communications session can be either be a real-time two-way keyboard-based conversation between 2 Telex subscribers or a simple straight forward typed message that has been prepared earlier offline for later automatic transmission.

What does it mean to request a Telex release?

A telex release is simply a message conveying this instruction from the load port agent to the discharge port agent.. The shipper or exporter would request a telex release under below circumstances :

How is a telex call opened on a computer?

Communication is opened by entering the assigned call number of the destination subscriber. On older telex equipment, this is done using a dial or the keyboard on the sender’s teleprinter, but it can also be done via the keyboard on telex terminals or on personal computers connected to the telex network.