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How do you go down the hole in Pokemon Light Platinum?

How do you go down the hole in Pokemon Light Platinum?

Head back to Kosaka and then north to Merydian. From there you will need to enter the hole that team steam is guarding. Face the hole and press A. You’ll be able to enter the hole and chase after their leader.

Where do you get ice beam in light platinum?

1 Answer. Go down on Route 216, from Snowpoint City, and look to see if you see a thing that you can use rock climb on then when you go up it will be in one of the corners, at the end. When you go from route 217 to 216 there is a house where you can heal.

Where are the 3 missing Pokemon in light platinum?

The Pokemon are Shinx, Snorlax, and Steelix. You’ll have to search the routes around Ricyan City for them. Shinx can be found on Route 509, Snorlax is on Route 508(north of Kosaka City), Steelix is on Route 505(west of Kosaka City) with the gym leader.

What do I do after Lauren league in light platinum?

After beating the Lauren League, you are able to participate in the World Championship! Get your ticket from Ash in Yellow Town and travel by train from Central City to the World Championship.

Where is Mt Vulcan Light Platinum?

Mt. Vulcan is a Volcano found north of Flamerny City. It is located in the Lauren Region.

What starters can you get in Light Platinum?

Pokemon Light Platinum

  • Title. Pokemon Light Platinum.
  • Region. Zhery.
  • Starters. Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle.
  • Original Game. Pokemon Ruby.
  • Platform. GameBoy Advance.
  • Creator. Wesley FG.
  • Status. Completed.

Where is Ice Beam in Renegade Platinum?

TM/HM Locations:

TM Location Obtained
TM12 Taunt Route 211 (West) Item on ground
TM13 Ice Beam Route 216 Gift from NPC
TM14 Blizzard Lake Acuity Item on ground
TM15 Hyper Beam Sunyshore City Gift from NPC

How do you evolve Onix in light platinum?

In order to evolve your Onix into Steelix, you’ll need an item called Metal Coat. Once your Onix is holding the Metal Coat, trading it will trigger the evolution into Steelix.

Where is the poison gym leader in light platinum?

Ricyan City is a city found east of Kosaka City and Route 509. It is located in the Lauren Region. This is the seventh city you pass through. The Gym Leader Soka uses Poison-Type Pokemon.

Where is the ticket in Pokemon Light Platinum?

The train station gives you access to Lauren provided you have a ticket. You can obtain a ticket by becoming the Zhery Champion.

Where is Bramboch town in Pokemon Light Platinum?

Location of Bramboch Town in Zhery. Bramboach Town is a town located between Esmerald City and Seanport City.

What happens when you leave the underground in Pokemon platinum?

The Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left & Bottom Right specifically are cut off, only accessible from those areas in Sinnoh. Once you leave the Underground, you will return to where you entered it. Each area has items of various rarities up for trade from the hikers. There have been very few changes in the Underground from DP into Platinum

What do you get in Pokemon platinum Sinnoh Underground?

The Winner manages to get upgrades to their own Secret Base so they can place more items in it. There are multiple different levels in the Flag Retrieval, the highest being the Platinum level, obtained by capturing 50 flags from your friend’s bases. If you have this ranking, you can remove all of the annoying rocks in your Secret Base

Where to get brick break in Pokemon light platinum?

Train any pokemon that learns brick break, heracross is a gpod option. Brick break is the same ice smash in code game. “firstly, return to carmin town, then go to professor ellie’s lab. Get a starter (you’ll be able to keep another starter. Choose a different one than the one you first pick).

How do you Bury spheres in Pokemon platinum?

Pokémon Platinum uses the Trainer ID, much like the Skull and Armor Fossils, to determine which set of treasures is more common during gameplay. Burying spheres. Burying spheres is done through the Underground’s menu function. It will not work, however, when the player faces a wall: spheres can only be buried in the ground.