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How do you give a gift on MovieStarPlanet?

How do you give a gift on MovieStarPlanet?

To give someone a gift on the app, just click the violet present icon in the upper right corner, select a friend, then the item you want to give them. There are many cool items in our Shops that you can offer your friends as a gift.

Can you gift coins on MovieStarPlanet?

Gifting Choices Diamond items, beauty supplies, pets, currency, and fame cannot be gifted or wished for.

How do you gift diamonds on MSP?

You can not gift, trade or recycle any clothes or items purchased with diamonds. Earlier, when giving or receiving a greet, each received 500 sc, 3000 fame point and a room item until MSP updated every server. You can only use Pet change with retired boonies and bonsters.

How do you get a VIP ticket on MovieStarPlanet?

If a user purchases a year of Star VIP or the top diamond pack, they receive a VIP ticket. This ticket can be gifted to another player to give them a free one week VIP membership. VIP Tickets only exists in MSP, Pretty unfortunate for BSP Players…

Can you gift VIP on Hypixel?

Dedicated Member You gift ranks to other players through the in-game store, or by using /gift for someone in your lobby. You require VIP and at least Hypixel Level 25 to gift others ranks.

How long does it take for MSP VIP to activate?

We know that it’s super exciting to become VIP. Unfortunately, it may take a few days for the purchased product to show up on your MovieStarPlanet account, it all depends on the service provider. If you used a PaySafeCard, your payment may take several days to complete.

How do you see your wishlist on MovieStarPlanet?

To see all items that you have added to your Wishlist, please go to your Profile and click the bookmark called “My Gifts”: Here you can also buy gifts for your friends. Go to their Profiles to check out their Wishlists, then surprise them by giving them one of those items.

How do you recycle diamond items on MSP?

You can recycle all items you possess, except items you have bought with Diamonds and some types of Pets. It’s easy. To recycle an item, go to your Profile and open the “Recycle” tab: You can recycle as many items as you want.

How do you get VIP tickets?

Most of the time you can find VIP packages on sale through ticket retail services such as Ticketmaster. You should also check websites that deal exclusively with VIP packages. Join a fan club. Fan club members occasionally get access to tickets before they actually go on sale.

How do you get StarCoins fast on MSP?

How to Get Starcoins Easily on MovieStarPlanet

  1. Getting Your Daily Bonus.
  2. Watching Movies.
  3. Playing Games.
  4. Loving Pets.
  5. Making Movies.
  6. Using a Second Account.
  7. Completing Career Activities (PC only)
  8. Purchasing VIP.

How much does it cost to gift VIP on Hypixel?

Member. It’ll cost 2699 gold.

Are Gifted ranks permanent Hypixel?

Rank Gifting was released back in December of 2020. The way you can gift people a rank is by purchasing Hypixel Gold which can be found at All ranks, except MVP++, are permanent. For example, if someone gifts somebody else MVP+, they will have it permanently.

Where can I get a movie star planet gift certificate?

If you are playing Movie Star Planet, you might get a gift certificate from your parents or friends, and maybe even from another member of the site. If you would like to know how to redeem the Movie Star Planet gift certificate then read on to learn more.

How many gifts can you give in moviestarplanet?

Gifting is a system within MovieStarPlanet that allows players to give items, animations, backgrounds, or clothing to other users. Players receive the ability to give gifts at level 6 or by purchasing any VIP membership. The daily limit is 25 gifts and resets at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

What do you do with your email in moviestarplanet?

Put your email in a bunch of the movies, as that will give you a lot of money. Collect the things you wanted to get for your other character. Once you have became level six, give the gifts.

How do you become VIP on movie star planet?

Become VIP! You earn more starcoins by doing the normal things (like fame) and you also get to spin the VIP starcoin wheel daily. You are a Movie Star Planet player, it’s probable that you’d love some awesome gifts. Getting gifts easily is possible in just a few days; it’s fun and lucrative, so give it a go!