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How do you get the black trainer card in Pokemon Pearl?

How do you get the black trainer card in Pokemon Pearl?

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl – Trainer Cards. The Final Card is the elusive 5 Star Black Card. This is obtained last, in our example, it is obtained by getting 100 consecutive wins in the Battle Tower.

Where can I get a Masterball in Pokemon Diamond?

1 Answer. You get one from Cyrus, after beating him. Then… If you still have your Masterball from beating Cyrus the first time then you can try to clone it using the GTS cloning glitch which also works for any Pokemon and item.

Can you get Mew in Pokemon Pearl?

To get Mewtwo, you must use Pal Park to transfer it. Mew is the same, although you are also able to transfer it from My Pokemon Ranch, which is a WiiWare. To get the Mew, you must have 999 Pokemon on the ranch.

What Pokemon are only in Pearl?

Exclusive to Pearl

  • Slowpoke.
  • Slowbro.
  • Pinsir.
  • Slowking.
  • Misdreavus.
  • Houndour.
  • Houndoom.
  • Stantler.

How do I get into the galactic warehouse?

The door in the warehouse can only be opened by the Storage Key after the player visits Lake Acuity. A Galactic Key found there will also allow the player to access the entire headquarters.

How do you get Cresselia in Pokemon Diamond?

How to catch Cresselia in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

  1. Fly to Canalave City and talk to the sick boy/mother in the house opposite the boat.
  2. Talk to the boat’s captain and head over to Fullmoon Island.
  3. Follow the island’s path and enter the forest.
  4. Interact with Cresselia.
  5. Pick up the Lunar Wing.

Can you get an Eevee in Pokemon Pearl?

To get an Eevee in Diamond and Pearl, beat the Elite 4 and then talk to Bebe in Hearthome City. In Platinum just talk to her.

Where is Mewtwo in Pokemon Platinum?

The Pokemon can learn powerful psychic moves, such as confusion and recover. Frankly, Mewtwo can be located only in the Cerulean Cave that further locates in Kanto.

Which is better pearl or diamond?

In terms of durability, a diamond ring is the better choice. However, a pearl engagement ring is an excellent choice if you don’t mind changing your center pearl every 3 to 5 years. It has a uniqueness and a delicate, feminine look that a diamond lacks and is also more affordable than a diamond ring (in general).

Is Pokemon Pearl better than diamond?

The Gen IV titles are fairly balanced in terms of the exclusives offered in each one. Diamond, for instance, has Scizor with 500 base stats, whereas Pearl has Pinsir with the same point total. Similarly, Salamence and Tyranitar also match up equally when it comes to power.

Where can you get Master Balls in Pokemon Pearl?

Also there is another way to get Master Balls. If you have another Pearl, Diamond, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Sapphire, Ruby, Platinum, or Emerald game then you can start over the game and get a Master Ball on there then trade it over by having a Pokemon hold it. There is a cloning guide in the Faqs section.

Where do you get penultimate card in Pokemon Pearl?

The penultimate card that you obtain is obtained via the Completion of the National Dex. What this requires you to do is get 482 Pokémon registered as owned in your Pokédex.

What do the Trainer cards do in Pokemon Diamond?

Trainer Cards, a staple of Pokémon. These cards show your Trainer ID, Badges and Pokédex Completion. However in DP there are a couple of changes and additions. Firstly there is a Point System which scores your battling abilities Generally as you go through the game.

Where do you get a bronze card in Pokemon Diamond?

The next card that you obtain is Generally obtained through Contests. Once you defeat the Master Rank in one of the Contest Categories; Beauty, Cool, Cute, Smart & Tough, you will obtain this card, in this case…a Bronze Card The next card that you obtain is Generally obtained through the Capture the Flag MiniGame Underground.