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How do you fight the gym leader in Olivine City?

How do you fight the gym leader in Olivine City?

Use fire, water, fighting or ground moves against it’s steel/ground type combo. When it’s HP gets low it has a Sitrus berry and Jasmine may use a Hyper Potion. Once Jasmine’s Pokemon have fainted, you will be victorious. She’ll hand over the Mineral Badge to you for a job well done, as well as TM23.

Where is the medicine in Cianwood?

You have to head to Cianwood City to get the medicine for the Ampharos in Olivine city, and while you’re there, you should pick up the Gym Badge too. You’ll get something very cool if you win. Crush the boulders near the top of the city to find some interesting stuff.

How do you get medicine in Pokemon Gold?

Jasmine won’t leave the sick animal to battle or get medicine, so she won’t be willing to accept any challenges. It’s up to you to head over the water to Cianwood City to get the medicine it needs at a drugstore. If you don’t pick up the medicine, you won’t get to battle in the Gym.

How do you get the medicine in Pokemon Gold?

Where is the pharmacy in HeartGold?

For starters, head to the Pokemon Center and heal your badly-damaged group of Pokemon. Then, find the pharmacy on the southern end of the town.

Where can I get the medicine for olivine City Gym Leader?

Just keep surfing until you find the house that looks odd. That’s the pharmacy, where you get the SecretPotion. Go to Cianwood City (requires Surf) then go to the pharmacy then the guy in there will give you the medicine. Anyone online?

Where to cure Pokemon in olivine City Soul silver?

When you get back to Olivine City, head straight-away for the Pokemon Center there, and make sure your party is fully healed. Then, head to the lighthouse on the eastern side of town. With the Secret Potion in hand from Cianwood City, we’re able to cure what ails the Pokemon on top of the lighthouse.

Where to find medicine in olivine city lighthouse?

The gym leader of Olivine City implored you to find medicine for the sickly Pokemon at the lighthouse, and that’s what we’re going to do right now. Once you’ve done that, you’ll then find that you can fight two gym leaders and earn two badges in surprisingly short succession from one another (if your Pokemon are strong enough to do so, that is).

Who is the Gym Leader in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can actually make your way straight to the back end of the gym to fight Gym Leader Jasmine herself (though a few of her friends will intercept you en route to speak with you). Jasmine comes to battle with two level thirty Magnetites and a lone level thirty-five Steelix.