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How do the three mates react to ahabs gaze?

How do the three mates react to ahabs gaze?

How do the three mates react to Ahab’s gaze? They quailed ( cowered ) before his strong appearances.

What does Starbucks beg Ahab do?

What does Starbuck beg Ahab to do? Starbuck begs Ahab not to pursue Moby-Dick in a small har- pooning boat.

How does Starbuck interpret Ahab’s obsession?

How does Starbuck interpret Ahab’s obsession with Moby-Dick? thinks Ahab’s obsession is foolish. Why does Starbuck obey Ahab even though he disagrees with him? he is on the boat to work, and if that means killing Moby Dick, he’ll kill Moby Dick.

What is Ahab’s reaction to this omen?

How does ahab respond to the omens? Ahab ignores the omens and goes after Moby-dick.

Which word best describes Ahab?

Which word best describes Captain Ahab? Obsessed.

Why are the Pequod’s planks dented?

Why are the Pequod’s planks dented answers com? Answer Expert Verified The planks are dented because, Ahab, the captain of the ship has an amputated leg, and the dents represent the frequency of his walking up and down the deck with his peg leg.

What does Ahab obsession reveal about his character?

A) Ahab’s obsession reveals that he is motivated, stubborn and crazy. Ahab sees things how he wants to and gives them the power to become far larger than they really are. C) Starbuck is on the boat to work, and if that means killing Moby Dick, he’ll kill Moby Dick.

Why does the crew join Ahab’s quest without hesitation?

D) Why does the rest of the crew join Ahab without hesitation in his quest? Ahab’s behavior is not cool or collective because his emotions make him irrational and drive him not rational.

Why do Starbucks and the others join Ahab’s quest?

Why did Starbuck and the others join Ahab’s quest? They were moved by Ahab’s speech and courage. Based on his comments, what seems to be Ahab’e attitude toward nature? He finds it uncontrollable and mysterious.

What does the Pequod symbolize?

Named after a Native American tribe in Massachusetts that did not long survive the arrival of white men and thus memorializing an extinction, the Pequod is a symbol of doom. It is painted a gloomy black and covered in whale teeth and bones, literally bristling with the mementos of violent death.

What does Ahab symbolize?

Ahab symbolizes the single-minded, obsessive quest to achieve one goal. Ahab, with his scar and missing leg filled in by a whale bone, is willing to go literally to any length for revenge against Moby Dick.

What was Captain Ahab’s relationship with the White Whale?

Captain Ahab’s relationship to the White Whale in Moby-Dick is a one-sided obsession, including Ahab’s tendency to anthropomorphize the whale. Ahab devotes himself to finding Moby Dick and exacting revenge for his lost arm.

What does Ahab say at the end of Moby Dick?

When the head is halfway hoisted and dragged behind the back of the boat, Ahab walks out to it and speaks directly to it, saying that, although the whale’s head… (full context) …in the vicinity.

How is Ahab a metaphor for the human condition?

Ahab admits that he is not just hunting Moby Dick, but “whatever lies behind” the whale, and his quest becomes a kind of metaphor for the human condition, battling for meaning and life in a world and against forces that are at once incomprehensible and unconquerable.

What did Ahab want to do with the Pequod?

Although the Pequod’s crew is licensed only to hunt sperm whales, nevertheless Ahab orders that Flask and Stubb each take out a whale-boat and catch the nearest right… (full context) …burning down whale blubber. Ishmael believes that the try-works represent the dark, burning heart of Ahab himself, and of the quest to find Moby-Dick.