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How do I stop paying for Penn Foster?

How do I stop paying for Penn Foster?

You may cancel your Penn Foster High School enrollment via telephone, email or first class mail to the address listed in the “Contact Us” section of the Student Portal. You can find more details about cancellation and our refund policy by visiting the Penn Foster High School Catalog.

What happens if you cheat on Penn Foster?

Any violation of the Content Usage Rules or the Content Posting Rules by a Site User may result in the User being barred from further access to the Sites. Any such violation by a Penn Foster student may also result in disciplinary action, up to and including academic expulsion.

What happens if you miss a payment on Penn Foster?

Don’t panic if you happen to miss a payment — Penn Foster’s Student Services is available Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm (Eastern time) to help you with any payment questions. Students who miss a payment also have a grace period.

Why is Penn Foster so cheap?

Penn Foster College is 100% online—there is no physical campus. This is one of the main reasons that online-only schools may be more affordable. Without overhead from grounds and buildings, schools can contain costs and offer lower tuition rates.

Can I get a job with a Penn Foster certificate?

That means that, yes, the work you do with Penn Foster is absolutely legitimate! When you’re working toward graduation, the classes and credits earned can often transfer to other schools and prepare you to take your next step to reach your career and academic goals.

How much is Penn Foster a month?

Students who want a quality education, a self-paced approach and a supportive, connected Community choose Penn Foster. Enroll in a certificate program and make monthly payments as low as $39. Start working toward a diploma today for as little as $1.

Can you fail Penn Foster?

Whether you’re considering enrolling in a Penn Foster program, or you’re currently working on a course, you might be nervous about what happens if you fail an exam. Do you fail the whole class? You can only do one retake for each exam and Penn Foster considers the higher grade the official grade on your transcript.

What is the age limit for Penn Foster?

13 years old
Must be 13 years old at the time of enrollment.

Is a degree from Penn Foster respected?

Yes! Besides being founded in 1890 and earning a respected reputation, Penn Foster’s three schools — high school, college, and career — all have accreditation and are evaluated regularly to ensure courses meet the standards of each board. Some programs have industry-specific accreditation, as well.

Do employers take Penn Foster seriously?

Penn foster doesnot guarantee Job placement once you are finished you are on your own. Nationally accredited schools are not recognized by most employers. Your best bet is to see what field you want to go into and look for the proper certifications to get either from local school or proctor exams.

How fast can you finish Penn Foster?

Once you have passed all your courses, you will receive your diploma from Penn Foster High School. You can graduate in as little as three years. Or, if you qualify for credit from previous schooling, you can finish in as little as nine months for each year of high school you need.

What GPA do I need to get into Penn Foster?

With no strict requirements regarding GPA, Penn Foster College caters to its open admission policy, which makes it easy for almost all applicants to get admission into the university.

Do you have to pay in full for Penn Foster?

A. In order to receive the pay-in-full savings, the program would have to be paid in full at the time of enrollment. The difference between the payment options is the dollar amount the credit will cost you for selecting a monthly payment plan versus paying in full. You can increase your tuition savings by enrolling in our automatic payment plan.

How does Penn Foster High School get its funding?

A. Penn Foster High School is a private school and funded through tuition paid by the students, unlike public schools that are funded from taxes paid by residents of that community. Q.

Can you transfer credits to Penn Foster College?

A. Penn Foster College is nationally accredited, and our college graduates have been able to gain employment and transfer credits to other colleges and universities upon completion of our degree programs.

Where is Penn Foster career school in Philadelphia?

Penn Foster Career School is regionally accredited for non-degree granting postsecondary programs by the Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA, 215-662-5603,