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How did the Hohokam build their homes?

How did the Hohokam build their homes?

Most of the people there lived in pit houses. A family dug a pit in the ground. Then they built the frame out of large logs. They covered the frame with brush and mud.

How did the Hohokam people farm?

The canal systems allowed the Hohokam to farm corn, cotton, beans, tobacco and squash. The well-designed irrigation systems allowed the Hohokam to produce two harvests each year. They did have other food sources that came from dry farming agave, the gathering of wild plants and hunting deer and other small animals.

Where did Mogollon live?

The Mogollon might well be referred to as “Mountain Peoples” because they inhabited the rugged, high-elevation mountain and canyon country of eastern Arizona and western New Mexico, far northwestern Texas, northern Chihuahua, Mexico, and perhaps the far northeastern corner of Sonora, Mexico.

How did the Hohokam built canals?

As the population grew further from the river, the Hohokam began to construct canals for irrigation. Using digging sticks, the Native Americans excavated 12-feet deep canals, fanning into a larger network of smaller canals. In areas of excessive water(flow), the Hohokam would widen the channel.

What objects did the Hohokam make for wealth?

The people are called artisans and would have worked full time to provide these special objects for their community or to trade. One important craft made by the Hohokam was shell jewelry. They made bracelets, rings, and necklaces out of shell brought from Mexico.

What language did the Hohokam speak?

Comparative language studies suggest that many of the Hohokam people spoke a variety of ancient Tepiman, but certain odd words used by the historical Akimel O’odham and Tohono O’odham are more closely related to the Zuni In- dian language of western New Mexi- co than to the main Tepiman lang- uage, suggesting that most …

Why was farming difficult for the Hohokam?

The sudden disappearance of the Hohokam between 1400 and 1450 CE is a puzzle. Archaeologists speculate that maintenance of the canals was difficult and sediment accumulated over the centuries. Farmers were forced to abandon old canals and move further from the river, increasing the technological challenge to farming.

How did Mogollon disappear?

The Mogollon culture ended for unknown reasons in the 15th century. The people abandoned their villages, perhaps dispersing over the landscape or joining other village groups.

How many Mimbres pots still exist?

The bowls often were deliberately broken into shards or were symbolically broken by punching a hole in the bottom when interred. To date, more than 10,000 bowls have been recovered.

Why did the Hohokam disappear?

The Hohokam people abandoned most of their settlements during the period between 1350 and 1450. It is thought that the Great Drought (1276–99), combined with a subsequent period of sparse and unpredictable rainfall that persisted until approximately 1450, contributed to this process.

What did Hohokam homes look like?

There are two types of Hohokam houses, pithouses and adobe houses. A pithouse is a house built into the ground. They dug a shallow hole 3 feet deep and then built the wall of the house. Adobe houses were square instead of oval and built above ground.

What is the Hohokam tribe known for?

The Hohokam are probably most famous for their creation of extensive irrigation canals along the Salt and Gila rivers. In fact, the Hohokam had the largest and most complex irrigation systems of any culture in the New World north of Peru.

How did the Hohokam culture get its name?

Hohokam Culture. The word Hohokam is a Piman language term for “all used up” or “exhausted,” and the name given by archeologists to the ancient farming peoples of the southern deserts of Arizona.

What kind of houses did the Hohokam Indians build?

Later, the low circular mounds were replaced by much larger, rectangular “platform mounds” of earth, rock, and adobe covered with structures and courtyards built on top. Hohokam villages are remarkable in the ancient Southwest for their stability.

Who are the Hohokam people of the Sonoran Desert?

According to the National Park Service Website, Hohokam is an O’odham word used by archaeologists to identify a group of people who lived in the Sonoran Desert. According to local oral tradition, the Hohokam may be the ancestors of the historic Pima and Tohono O’odham peoples in Southern Arizona.

How are Hohokam villages classified in Rancheria tradition?

Overall, Hohokam villages and smaller settlements can be classified within the ranchería-tradition; these typically found near water and arable land, and identified by clusters of residential areas composed of discrete groups of habitation and utility structures combined with extramural use areas.