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Does Jorge Blanco have a child?

Does Jorge Blanco have a child?

He is 6ft tall he started playing guitar when he was 8 years old and he started singing when he was 11 years old. He has a sister named Daniel and she has a daughter named Raphita who he is the godfather too.

What language does Jorge Blanco speak?

Blanco is fluent in Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese and French. Since 2007, Blanco has been in a relationship with actress and singer Stephie Caire, whom he had met the same year on High School Musical: La Selección.

Where is Jorge Blanco from?

Guadalajara, Mexico
Jorge Blanco/Place of birth

How old is Stoessel?

24 years (March 21, 1997)
Martina Stoessel/Age

Are Tini and Jorge Blanco still friends?

Jortini (Jor/ge and Tini) is the real-life friendship pairing of Jorge Blanco and Martina Stoessel, also known as Tini. They are really close friends. They spend a lot of time together on the set of Violetta….

Status Close friends
Rivals Jorcedes, Pablini, Mardovica, Mercina

Who is Tini dating?

Tini Stoessel told about her relationship with Sebastián Yatra, after Montaner’s tweet and the photos in Miami.

What is Tini real name?

Martina Alejandra Stoessel Muzlera
Martina Stoessel/Full name

Did Tini and Jorge date in real life?

Both Martina and Jorge appeared in the movie Tini – El Gran Cambio de Violetta. There have been rumors saying they are dating, but they have confirmed many times that they are not.

Does Jorge Blanco have tattoos?

Violetta was not Martina’s first TV appearance, she played as Martina in the Argentinean TV show “Patito Feo” but not for too long, and Jorge had participated in other TV programs before Violetta. Jorge is 26 and Martina is 21. Martina has several tattoo’s, but Jorge doesn’t have any.

Is Danna Paola with Sebastian Yatra?

Danna at the time said that she had no relationship with Sebastián Yatra, but users of social networks insisted on a romance between the interpreters who worked together on the single ”No bailes sola”.

Does Tini have a sister?

She released her self-titled debut solo studio album, Tini (Martina Stoessel) (2016), that contains Spanish-English songs, and also includes music from Tini: The Movie….Tini (singer)

Years active 2007–present
Parent(s) Mariana Muzlera (mother) Alejandro Stoessel (father)
Relatives Francisco Stoessel (brother)
Musical career

What is Tini Stoessel favorite color?

Her favorite colors are purple and blue. Her favorite actress is Angelina Jolie. Martina said the best vacation she ever had was when she went to Disneyland. Her favorite food is schnitzel with fries or fried eggs.

Who is the singer Jorge Blanco from Violetta?

Leon Vargas. Jorge Gabriel Blanco Güereña, (born December 19, 1991) is a Mexican singer, dancer and actor. He was born in Guadalajara (Jalisco), Mexico.

Who was Jorge Blanco in Cuando toca la Campana?

In 2012, Blanco was cast in the Argentine Disney Channel telenovela Violetta as León, the love interest of Violetta. Due to the filming of Violetta, Blanco participated in only four episodes of the second season of Cuando toca la campana.

When did Jorge Blanco release his first song?

On October 12, 2016, Blanco performed the song “Beautiful Mistake” on One Nación. The song was planned to be released as Blanco’s debut single in December that year, but these plans never materialized.

Who is Jorge Blanco from High School Musical dating?

His girlfriend in real life is Stephie Camarena, who is a singer and actress. Both have participated in High School Musical: La Selección, and later in Cuando Toca La Campana, the Latin American version of As The Bell Rings. They have been dating since 2007, and Jorge revealed that they got engaged on 26/08/16.