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Do you need a Mac to use an iPod?

Do you need a Mac to use an iPod?

You can use the original iPod and iPod 2nd Gen with Mac OS 9.2. 1. Subsequent iPod models require a Mac running Mac OS X.

Do you need a computer to use an iPod touch?

You may have an iPod that Apple no longer requires you to sync to a computer. Recent models of the iPod Touch are capable of streaming and downloading music directly to the iPod, as long as a high-speed internet connection is available. It is still possible to connect these models to a computer, but it isn’t required.

Can I use an iPod without a computer?

Question: Q: iPod Touch without a computer Answer: A: Yes, you can use an iPod that way IF you have a WiFi internet connection. However, if this is a brand new iPod, you MUST connect it to a computer to get the iPod setup, and the computer MUST have an internet connection to download iTunes.

How do I download files to my iPod?

Click File Sharing, select an app in the list, then do one of the following: Transfer a file from your iPod touch to your computer: Select the file you want to transfer in the list on the right, click “Save to,” select where you want to save the file, then click Save To.

Is Apple iPod touch worth buying?

Overall, we were impressed by the iPod touch (7th generation). For the number of apps you get with iOS 12, it feels like good value for money – especially when you compare it to the cost of an iPhone.

Will there be a new iPod touch in 2021?

Eighth-gen iPod touch with iPhone 12-style design planned for launch in autumn 2021, according to latest report. The most recent version of the iPod touch, the seventh-generation model, was released on 28 May 2019, very nearly two years ago.

Does an iPod touch have Internet access?

An iPod touch can join Wi-Fi networks at home, at work, or at Wi-Fi hotspots around the world. You can then connect your Internet connection to the AirPort to extend Internet access over Wi-Fi throughout your home.

Can you listen to music on iPod touch without Wi-Fi?

In the Music app , Apple Music subscribers can add and download songs and videos from Apple Music. You can stream music you add to iPod touch when you have an internet connection. To play music when you’re not connected to the internet, you must first download it.

Can I load my CDs onto an iPod?

Although you can use the iTunes Store to find and purchase music to put on your iPod Touch, you can also import audio CDs to your computer and then transfer them to the iPod’s hard drive.

Can I get music off an old iPod?

First, add the music from your iPod to your iTunes library on your Windows PC or Mac. You can have iTunes for Windows make a copy of each file and place them into the iTunes media folder. Moving the original files would then not affect the music in your iTunes library.

Where is the iPod control folder?

Click the “Start” icon on your computer, followed by “Control Panel.” Click the “Appearance and Personalization” link, followed by “Show hidden files and folders.”

How do I download apps from My iPhone to my Mac?

On your Mac. Open the App Store. Browse or search for the app that you want to download. Developers of apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch don’t always have an app for Mac. Click the app. If the app is free, click Get, then click Install App. If the app has a price, click the price, then click Buy App. The app starts downloading to your Mac.

Is there a way to transfer music from an iPod to a Mac?

Syncios Free iPod Music Transfer is such a great helper which enables you to free transfer music from iPod to Mac in one click. Besides, it is also capable of creating, viewing, editing and cleaning up notes, bookmarks, contacts on your iPod.

How can I Sync my iPod to my computer?

iPod Support. Sync your iPod with your computer using USB. When you sync your music, movies, and more with the Finder, the content on your iPod touch will match what’s on your computer.

How do I import photos from my iPad to my Mac?

Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac with a USB cable. Open the Photos app on your computer. The Photos app shows an Import screen with all the photos and videos that are on your connected device. If the Import screen doesn’t automatically appear, click the device’s name in the Photos sidebar.