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Did Harvey Watkins Jr pass away?

Did Harvey Watkins Jr pass away?

March 8, 2020 They have on daughter Ms. Tina McLin (Mike), and one granddaughter McKinzie. HARVEY passed away in month 1965, at age 68 at death place, Pennsylvania. Born in 1954 in Canton, Mississippi, Watkins, Jr.

What happened to Harvey Watkins Jr?

He was influenced by his fathers band, The Canton Spirituals which included his uncle, the late Reverend I. S. Watkins. Ever since he was a child he loved their singing and he later became a member in 1973. He is still currently the lead singer for the group and he still continues to tour.

Is Paul Harvey still alive?

Deceased (1918–2009)
Paul Harvey/Living or Deceased

When did Paul Harvey pass away?

February 28, 2009
Paul Harvey/Date of death

How old is Harvey Watkins Jr?

66 years (November 2, 1954)
Harvey Watkins, Jr./Age

Are The Canton Spirituals still performing?

Find out more about The Canton Spirituals tour dates & tickets 2021-2022. Unfortunately there are no concert dates for The Canton Spirituals scheduled in 2021.

Who is Paul Porter married to?

A night out for Paul and Kristy Porter has turned into a haunting mystery. For Paul Porter, a night out with his wife Kristy on November 11, 2016, has turned into a haunting mystery. Because that was the night Kristy disappeared.

How old is Harvey Watkins?

Can you still listen to Paul Harvey?

For more than five decades the most listened-to voice in America belonged to Paul Harvey. Now it will be heard again on WGN 720-AM — longtime Chicago flagship of his vast radio empire.

Who replaced Paul Harvey?

After the elder Harvey’s death on February 28, 2009, ABC radio host Doug Limerick was chosen as the show’s new host. The Rest of the Story was canceled after three weeks with Limerick as host.

Is Paul Harvey married?

Lynne Cooper Harveym. 1940–2008
Paul Harvey/Spouse

Does Paul Harvey Jr still broadcast?