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Did Annie Oakley shoot her husband?

Did Annie Oakley shoot her husband?

Oakley developed hunting skills as a child to provide for her impoverished family in western Ohio. At 15, she won a shooting contest against experienced marksman Frank E. Butler, whom she later married….

Annie Oakley
Parent(s) Susan Wise Mosey (1830–1908) Jacob Mosey (1799–1866)

What is an interesting fact about Annie Oakley?

Annie Oakley was not her real name. Although she became a Wild West folk hero, the sharpshooter spent her entire childhood in the Buckeye State. Called “Annie” by her sisters, she reportedly chose Oakley as her professional surname after the name of an Ohio town near her home.

How long did Annie Oakley live?

Soon after, she became sick and in 1925, she moved back to Ohio to be closer to her family. Annie Oakley died November 3, 1926. Her beloved husband died three weeks later. They had been married for fifty years.

How did Annie Oakley died?

Pernicious anemia
Annie Oakley/Cause of death

Then, in failing health, Annie moved to Dayton in December 1925 to be with her sister Emily and her family. In 1926 she came back to Greenville where she died on November 3. The immediate cause of death was given as pernicious anemia.

What was Annie Oakley’s favorite gun?

Oakley used Marlin rifles in her performances, and one of her favorite rifles was Marlin’s Model 1891, a . 22 caliber pump action rifle. This is the rifle she used most while performing with the Wild West Show.

What killed Annie Oakley?

Annie Oakley/Cause of death

What did Annie Oakley do for fun?

Once home, Annie learned to hunt game. She became an excellent shot. She was able to feed her family and help her mother pay the bills by selling game to restaurants and hotels. With all this practice, Annie became an excellent shot.

Did Annie Oakley have a baby?

Did Annie Oakley ever have children? Annie and Frank had no children of their own, but they doted on their nieces and nephews, wrote often to them, and brought them many gifts. Grand nephew Don Blakeley remembers with delight the boxes of candied orange that his Aunt Ann sent him during her travels.

Why does Annie have a gun?

Pierce, “Remedial Chaos Theory”. Annie’s gun. Annie’s gun was a firearm Annie purchased as protection from unsavory elements that populated the shady neighborhood she once lived in. She kept the weapon in her purse which in an alternate timeline proved to be not such a wise choice.

What shotgun did Annie Oakley use?

Julia sold Annie Oakley’s circa 1893 12-gauge William Cashmore boxlock shotgun for six figures. During her career Oakley, dubbed “Little Sure Shot,” used a number of different guns. Some she ordered; others were gifts from gun makers. This one was made after she completed a three-year European tour.

Did Annie Oakley have children?

Where did Annie Oakley live as a child?

Childhood & Early Life Annie Oakley was born as Phoebe Ann Mosey on August 13, 1860, in rural Darke County, Ohio, to Susan Wise and Jacob Mosey. She was the fifth of her parents’ seven surviving children. When she was six, her father died of pneumonia after being out in the blizzard once.

Why did Annie Oakley leave the Broadway show?

Annie and Frank left the show for reasons that were “too long to tell” that spring and toured with various other shows and independently for the rest of the year. In December, she made her debut as an actress in a play called Deadwood Dick, but the play and the theater company weren’t successful.

How long did Annie Oakley stay in the circus?

After a couple of years on the vaudeville circuit, Butler and Oakley sign with the Sells Brothers Circus for a 40-week engagement. That year the circus visits 187 towns in 13 states, journeying some 11,000 miles. The two welcome the steady pay but grow tired of the incessant travel under difficult conditions.

How old was Annie Oakley when she married Frank Butler?

Annie Oakley. Annie Oakley (born Phoebe Ann Mosey; August 13, 1860 – November 3, 1926) was an American sharpshooter and exhibition shooter. Her amazing talent first came to light when at age 15 she won a shooting match against traveling-show marksman Frank E. Butler, whom she later married.