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Can you still watch Hill Street Blues?

Can you still watch Hill Street Blues?

Right now you can watch Hill Street Blues on Hulu Plus. You are able to stream Hill Street Blues by renting or purchasing on Google Play, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes.

What was the last episode of Hill Street Blues?

It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over
Hill Street Blues/Final episode

How many series of Hill Street Blues are there?

Hill Street Blues/Number of seasons

Hill Street Blues, American television law enforcement drama that aired on the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) network for seven seasons (1981–87).

Where can I watch Hill Street Blues UK?

Hill Street Blues – All 4.

Does Amazon Prime have Hill Street Blues?

Watch Hill Street Blues Season 1 | Prime Video.

Why did Hill Street Blues go off the air?

Jeffrey Lewis, co-executive producer of the show (with David Milch), said Monday that the show’s ending was as much the result of the desire of some producers, writers and cast members to move on to new projects as its slide in the ratings, which may have been influenced by the show’s move to a time slot opposite the …

Why did they cancel Hill Street Blues?

Why was Steven Bochco fired from Hill Street Blues?

After the fifth season of Hill Street in 1985, Bochco was fired from MTM (after Tinker left to run NBC) when he refused to cut costs and pare storylines. (The show nabbed the best drama series Emmy in each of his five seasons and did not win again after he left.)

What happened to Joe Coffey on Hill Street Blues?

Joe Coffey, Hill Street Blues In his final scene, Coffey was clearly murdered by a suspect, providing a downbeat ending to the season. However, the producers later decided that Coffey should stay. Though the shooting scene remained, his obvious death was edited out, and he was instead taken to hospital.

What channel is Hill Street Blues?

Hill Street Blues is an American serial police procedural television series that aired on NBC in prime-time from January 15, 1981, to May 12, 1987, for 146 episodes.

Where can I find reruns of Hill Street Blues?

There are many platforms where you can stream classic TV series, and in the case of Hill Street Blues, the best place to find it online is on one of the most popular streaming platforms: Hulu. The platform carries all seven seasons (with 144 episodes) of the series.

Did Denzel Washington play in Hill Street Blues?

Q. I was a loyal fan of “Hill Street Blues.” I say the role of Bobby Hill was played by Denzel Washington, but my husband and friends disagree. Michael Warren played Officer Bobby Hill on “HSB.” Denzel Washington was on another NBC drama at the same time, though. He played Dr.

Where does the TV show Hill Street Blues take place?

Hill Street Blues is an American serial police procedural television series that aired on NBC in prime-time from January 15, 1981, to May 12, 1987, for 146 episodes. The show chronicles the lives of the staff of a single police station located on Hill Street in an unnamed large city. The “blues” are the police officers in their blue uniforms.

When did the last Hill Street Blues commercial air?

Prior to “Hill Street,” Hamel was a model — and in 1971, she appeared in the very last cigarette commercial ever aired on national television. From Shout Factory Hamel’s post-“Hill Street” acting career includes several TV movies and recurring roles on the shows “Philly,” “Third Watch” and “Lost.”

Who are the writers of Hill Street Blues?

The show won a total of 26 Emmy Awards (out of 98 Emmy Award nominations) during its run, including four consecutive wins for Outstanding Drama Series . MTM Enterprises developed the series on behalf of NBC, appointing Steven Bochco and Michael Kozoll as series writers.

What was the last sentence of Hill Street Blues?

The last sentence is a shrewd estimate of what makes certain roguish characters attractive to a wide audience. Yet there surely was another reason to resurrect Buntz, a further shrewdness at work. One of the supposedly major innovations of Blues lay in its portrayal of its continuing characters.