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Can you smoke cigarettes outside your apartment?

Can you smoke cigarettes outside your apartment?

It is perfectly legal for landlords/property owners to adopt policies prohibiting smoking in all indoor areas of their buildings, including in living units or even on their property. There is no legal or constitutional right to smoke.

Can you smoke outside of a rental property?

A landlord is in complete control over where you can smoke. That power extends beyond your apartment — a landlord can ban smoking on balconies, poolside, even outside the building’s front door. However, landlords must clearly lay out their smoking policy in your lease.

How far do smokers have to be from a building?

4 metres
The Smoke-free Environment Act 2000 makes a number of outdoor public places smoke-free. Smoking is banned within 4 metres of a pedestrian entrance to or exit from a public building in NSW. This law is called the ‘4 metre law’.

How do I deal with my neighbors smoking?

Confronting someone is never appealing, but it could be the easiest solution.

  1. Communicate with your neighbors who smoke. It may be as simple as asking your neighbor to smoke outdoors.
  2. Make adjustments to your apartment.
  3. Keep your apartment clean.
  4. Purify your air.
  5. Go outside.

Can a landlord say no smokers?

In these days of the Human Rights Act, do landlords have any right to prevent their tenants from smoking in their rental property. Well the short answer is – yes.

Can you stop tenants smoking?

You can include a clause in tenancy agreements stating that smoking is not permitted, while if the tenant asks for consent to smoke you can refuse. If you are a landlord of an HMO, shared areas of the property are impacted by the Smoke Free Law of 2017, which makes it illegal to smoke in publicly enclosed spaces.

Why is it illegal to smoke in public?

The ban on smoking and using e-cigarettes in outdoor public areas have been have made because: they are often visited by children and families and they can be crowded. they allow limited opportunity for people to avoid second-hand smoke or vapour from e-cigarettes.

Do smokers have rights?

People often mistakenly believe that there is a legally protected “right to smoke” or that a smokefree building policy would discriminate against smokers. However, there is no such legal right to smoke, and people who smoke are not a protected class.

Can I stop my Neighbour smoking in their garden?

If your relationship with the neighbour is strong, you can discuss the matter with them. You can report the matter to the relevant authorities. You can choose not to engage with anyone and instead do things on your end to reduce the smoke in your garden.

Can you get evicted for smoking in a non smoking apartment?

Can a Landlord Evict a Tenant for Smoking? A clear no-smoking policy prohibits all forms of smoking, including smoking marijuana for medical reasons. A landlord who has included a no-smoking policy in a lease or rental agreement can terminate the tenancy of or evict a tenant who smokes.

Is smoking in balcony illegal?

Hi, as per law people will not allow to smoke in public place, though he uses balcony for smoking place but it will cause nuisance to you so you can lodge a police complaint against him. Smoking in pubic place is prohibited but smoking in private place is not prohibited.

Can you smoke at 16 with parents permission?

Alan James Brinkmeier. It’s illegal to sell OR GIVE tobacco to a minor. And it’s illegal for a minor to even possess tobacco, let alone use it. No parent can overcome that law.