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Are Crown Vic and Grand Marquis parts interchangeable?

Are Crown Vic and Grand Marquis parts interchangeable?

Now, to swap a Grand Marquis panel on a Crown Vic, you would have to swap a bumper cover as well as the panel. You can not make it work without installing a Grand Marquis bumper cover.

Are Crown Vics and Grand Marquis the same?

While styled nearly identical to the LTD Crown Victoria, the first-generation Grand Marquis was three inches longer than its Ford counterpart; alongside the doors and front and rear windows, only the bumpers are externally shared between the two model lines.

What transmission does a Crown Vic have?

Second generation (EN114; 1998–2012)

Second generation (EN114)
Engine 4.6 L Modular V8
Transmission 4-speed 4R70W automatic 4-speed 4R75W automatic 4-speed 4R75E automatic
Wheelbase 114.7 in (2,913 mm)

Will Crown Vic headlights fit a Grand Marquis?

Grand Marquis has 3 bulb tails. Crown Vics are either 2 bulb or 4 bulb so you will either have to grind another hole in the light or plug an extra hole. Headlights and corners won’t fit.

What is the difference between Mercury Grand Marquis LS and GS?

The trim level can be identified by the fifth, sixth and seventh digits in the VIN. A Grand Marquis GS is represented by “M74”, while a Grand Marquis LS Premium is represented by “M75”. The Grand Marquis shares the same “Panther” platform as the Ford Crown Victoria, Lincoln Town Car and the former Mercury Marauder.

Will Mustang seats fit in a Crown Vic?

The only mustang seats with side bolsters that are actually comfortable and will hold you in place. Are 03-04 Mach 1 seats or 03-04 Cobra seats.

How reliable are Crown Vic transmissions?

The overall lifespan of a Ford Crown Victoria transmission largely depends on how well it was maintained. But on average, we’ve seen the Ford Crown Victoria transmission last for between 130,000-180,000 miles.

Who makes Mercury Grand Marquis?

General Motors produced its last full-size, rear-drive, body-on-frame cars in 1996; Chrysler’s last sedan in this size class was the ’81 Newport. Since 2008, Ford has restricted sales of the rugged, industrial-grade Crown Victoria (identical to the Grand Marquis except for the trim) to taxi and police fleets.