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Why website is not working?

Why website is not working?

If your website doesn’t open for you, but does open for others, it could be one of the following situations: Webhost server is blocking the IP address of your ISP. Your ISP is blocking the webhost server IP address. Your LAN/Firewall is blocking the webhost server IP address.

How do I fix a specific website not opening on the Internet?

How to Fix Specific Website Not Opening on Internet

  1. 1 Restart My Device. Many basic problems can be solved simply by restarting your device.
  2. 2 Make Sure the Internet Connection Works. Open your browser.
  3. 3 Check if the Website is Down for Everybody or Just Me.

Why its showing this site can’t be reached?

DNS is that network address that translates the website name to its internet address. Most often it causes for not getting the internet connection or misconfigured internet or network settings. Another reason could be the firewall preventing Google Chrome to load the webpage.

What do you do when you can’t access a website?

But if the problem appears to be yours, here are a few things you might want to try:

  1. Try another browser. If you’re using Firefox or Chrome, try Internet Explorer–or vice versa.
  2. Use the IP address.
  3. Alter your host file.
  4. Check to see if you’ve blocked the site.
  5. Change your DNS server.

Why is my Internet not loading pages?

Web pages not opening in any Internet browser If web pages will not open in any Internet browser, your computer may have a virus or malware infection. Some viruses and malware prevents web pages from opening or loading in any Internet browser. We recommend you check for and remove viruses or malware on your computer.

Why can I access only some websites?

Your computer has a DNS cache that could become outdated or corrupted, which would make it so you can’t access certain websites. Flushing your DNS cache could help you regain access to your favorite sites. Windows: Press Windows key + R, type cmd , and then press Enter.

Why only one website is not opening?

By default, every website address you type on your computer is resolved using the DNS server maintained by your internet provider. It can be one of the main reasons you’re not able to access a particular Internet site. Solution: If your ISP has a bad DNS server, you can switch to another.

Why is my Internet not loading some pages?

One of the most likely causes of a web page not loading is a wrongly configured or poorly maintained DNS (Domain Name Server) system by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Most internet users have the DNS system assigned to them by their ISP. In either case, the problem is usually at the ISP’s end of the connection.

How do you fix a website that takes too long to respond?

DNS cache. DNS results are usually cached in order to make sure that subsequent requests are handled faster. If there was a communication problem between client and server, it may be cached, resulting in the ‘website took too long to respond’ error. Flushing the DNS cache should solve the error.

What is a DNS server not responding?

“DNS Server Not Responding” means that your browser was unable to establish a connection to the internet. Therefore, it’s possible that you might be able to resolve the problem simply by switching browsers. In other cases, you may need to disable connections, change DNS servers, or flush the DNS cache.

Why is my WIFI blocking a website?

Other reasons for your ISP blocking specific websites would be their very content. If it doesn’t fall within legal regulations, the ISP might block it without prior notice. For instance, your ISP might block copyright-infringement websites, but also ones that promote or condone piracy.

Why is my internet not loading pages?