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Why does my KTM keep fouling plugs?

Why does my KTM keep fouling plugs?

The most common reasons why your dirt bike has a fouled spark plug are because a dirty air filter, improper pre-mix ratio, carb jetting is too rich, the engine has low compression, or a weak spark.

What do fouled plugs do?

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY GET DIRTY? When the spark plugs get dirty, they cease to operate correctly. We refer to this as ‘fouling’. If your spark plugs are fouling, they will cause the engine to run rough, lack power, use more fuel, or even not run at all.

How do you tell if your plugs are fouled?

  1. The first step is removing the spark plug you want to look at.
  2. A normal spark plug will have brown or grayish-tan deposits on the side electrode.
  3. Black, dry soot on the electrodes and insulator tip indicates a carbon-fouled plug.
  4. Black, oily deposits on the electrodes and insulator tip points to an oil-fouled plug.

What causes a 2 stroke to foul a plug?

Wet Fouling, 2-Stroke Causes include the wrong plug (too cold), excessive idling, improper fuel:oil mix ratio or carburetor adjustment set too rich.

Will a fouled plug still spark?

When a spark plug becomes fouled or dirty, it doesn’t spark effectively which can cause your car to perform sluggishly.

Do fouled plugs still spark?

Can a fouled spark plug be cleaned?

How To Clean Fouled Spark Plugs. To safely clean a spark plug, you should use a wire brush or spray-on plug cleaner specifically designed for this ignition part. You can also use a sturdy knife to scrape off tough deposits. Note: NEVER clean a spark plug with a shot blaster or abrasives.

Is a fouled spark plug ruined?

A spark plug can be cleaned and reused, but it more than likely won’t run at or near the same efficiency as before it was fouled. Given that NGK copper plugs are only a few dollars, it really doesn’t hurt to replace a fouled plug.

Do spark plugs go bad after sitting?

Spark plugs shouldnt be a problem. They can sit for years and not go “bad”. If you can pull the plugs, they may give you an indication (check the color, etc) about whats going wrong in your engine and why your MPG is so bad.

How do you tell if a 2 stroke plug is fouled?

Symptoms of bad marine spark plugs

  1. Trouble starting the engine.
  2. Engine hesitating or cutting out.
  3. Loss of engine power.
  4. Decreased acceleration.

What does a bad 2 stroke spark plug look like?

Black, chunky carbon buildup spanning the gap between the sparking end of the plug and the hook-shaped metal piece overhanging the end. Dark carbon residue built up on the ends but not spanning the gap. Oily residue on the end (most likely to happen with two-stroke engines that use a gas/oil mixture).

Why are my spark plugs fouling on my dirt bike?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that only 2-strokes foul plugs. 4-Strokes, although it is not as common, do foul plugs. Like I mentioned before, improper jetting is the main reason why dirt bikes foul spark plugs.

Can a loose spark plug cause a bike to burn?

If it’s properly jetted, you should never foul a spark plug, assuming your engine is in good running condition. Whether it’s a loose spark plug, cap, bad wire, or faulty stator, you need enough juice to ignite and burn the air fuel mixture. If you want to go the easy route (well not really!), just ride the bike harder.

What should I do if my spark plug is fouled?

First thing to do if your spark plug has been fouled is to check the air filter. If it’s really dirty, that makes it difficult for air to get through to the engine, causing a rich condition. Either clean it thoroughly with some Air Filter Cleaner (Amazon), or buy a new filter.

What kind of spark plugs do dirt bikes use?

Spark plug manufacturers aren’t always the same, so make sure you find out how they rate them. For an example, an NGK BR9EG is commonly used in a 125 2-stroke dirt bike. One plug hotter would be a BR8EG. I have done this before while out trail riding for a weekend since I didn’t have time to re-jet the carburetor.